(KMS No. 8, 10))

Edited and Translated by PREM LATA SHARMA, assisted by ANIL BIHARI BEOHAR

1992, Vol.I, xviii+193pp., textual notes, notes, ISBN:81-208-1031-7, Rs. 275 (HB)
1994, Vol. II, xviii+320pp., textual notes, notes, ISBN: 81-208-1032-5, Rs. 300 (HB)

The Bṛhaddeśī ascribed to Mataṅga Muni, and most probably belonging to the sixth century CE, is a landmark in Saṅgītaśāstra for more than one reason. It is the solitary text that forges a link between Nāṭyaśāstra and Dattilam on one hand and Abhinavabhāratī on the other, the gap extending over more than 500 years. Its direct influence on later texts like Saṅgītaratnākara and its commentaries is obvious in various ways, be it nāda from the tantric stream or the etymology of various terms or the description of rāgas.

Speaking of saṅgīta, the Bṛhaddeśī is the first extant text to describe Rāga, to introduce sā ri gā mā notation, to usher in a fresh approach towards śruti, svara, grāma, mūrcchanā, etc. and to introduce prabandha, the compositional form independent on drama, to establish the concept of deśī and its counterpart mārga and to mention ethnic groups like śabara, pulinda and nāga in the context of bhāṣās (varieties) of grāma-rāgas.

The volumes present the first critical edition of this well- known, but almost inaccessible text, along with variant readings, an English translation, textual notes and annotations.