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Mohan Khokar Dance Collection

This rare collection of material on dance, gifted by Shri Mohan Khokar, contains over 40,000 black and white negatives, colour transparencies and rare photographs. In addition to over 4,000 monographs and journals in English and other Indian and European languages, the collection also includes albums of newspaper clippings, programmes, pamphlets, posters etc. from the early forties; field notes and dance notations on choreography made by Shri Khokar; and over 200 audio tapes, mainly of interviews with Gurus, artistes and scholars of dance. Special features of the collection are specimens of art objects with dance motifs, such as sculptures and figurines in bronze, wood, terracotta and other materials, textiles, paintings, etc, and also what may be termed ‘Bazar iconography,’ which refers to present day ugly or pathetically humorous dance figurines in plastic, clay, etc.