The Northern Barrier of India : A popular account of the Jummo and Kashmir Territories by Frederic Drew,1877
TITLE The Northern barrier of India : a popular Account of the Jummoo & Kashmir territories
AUTHOR  Frederic Drew
PUBLICATION  Edward Stanford, London
TOTAL No. OF ILLUSTRATION 13 (SL-48892-SL-48904)



954.6 DRE
ACC.No. 3229


The Northern Barrier of India, a popular account of the Jammu andKashmir territories is written by Frederic Drew published by Edward Stanford, London in the year 1877. This book is the selection of those parts which will interest a general reader. One gets to know the idea on the subjects as the physical condition of the country, the distribution of languages and faiths within it, its political organisation, or the routes that traverse it. All of the above are fully dealt, and by the accompanying maps and sections illustrated. The map accompanying this book shows particularly the distribution of races, but it will also be found as a sufficient topographical guide through the descriptions of the country. This book contains 26 illustrations accompanied with 2 maps.

The present book is the extract of the extensive work done by Frederic Drew on the Jammu and Kashmir territories. In this volume author has given a topographical view of JammuKashmir, Giligit, Baltistan and Ladakh. The work apart from geographical assessment focuses on the socio-economic and socio-religious aspects of the communities living in this religion. The illustrations and sketches published in this book adds to the nostalgia through which one can make out the history of bygone era.