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7:00 pm
To celebrate the eve of International Yoga Day & World Music Day

Indira Gandhi National centre for the Arts invites you to the following Programmes

Sun & Sound Concert An evening of Naad – Bramh & Vedic Sanskrit Chanting
By Surya & Sangeet Sadhak Swami Viswanarayan with his disciple Priyanko Sur Sanchalan by Rajib Sanyal

Venue:  Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts Auditorium, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
10:00 am-5:30 pm
Seminar- ‘Culture and Journalism’

Contact No : 011-23388155

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
3:00 pm
Talk on "WAFERFICHE A Semiconductor Based Archival Technology for the Future"

By Prof. P.R. Mukund Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, USA

Venue:  Conference Hall, IGNCA, CV Mess Janpath, New Delhi
2:00 pm
Workshop on Oral Tradition of Dha-Hanu

 Dha-Hanu is a remote area consisting of four major villages and small hamlets situated on both sides of the banks of Sindhu (River Indus). The four major villages are known as Dha, Hanu, Garkhan and Darchik. The inhabitants of these villages have preserved racial purity down the centuries. Their cultural practices are very old. They worship the forces of nature. They call their gods as Yendrin (Indra), Narayan, Bhumi Devata etc. This world they call Saket. These are some of the examples from the terminology used by them, which is very interesting and indicates connections with the Vedic era also to some extent. On the name of modern development such belief systems are now getting extinct day by day and the region of Dha-Hanu is also getting affected by this development. Documenting the conversations will facilitate a rare opportunity to have an insight into the belief system which is expected to uncover the mysteries of their origin and throw light on their cultural practices.

Venue:  Dha-Hanu, Laddakh, Jammu & Kashmir
9:30 am-5:30 pm
KOHA - Open Source Library Automation Training Software Training  

(Participation by invitation and registration only)

Contact No. : 9810066244

Venue:  Conference Hall, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
All Day
Field Documentation at Kerala

Third phase of multi disciplinary field documentation at Kerala will be conducted from May 16 to 22, 2018 in collaboration with Union Christian College Aluva, Kerala. During this period, a multi disciplinary team will conduct pilot field study and field documentation in rock art sites – Marayoor region (Idukki district), Ancode (Thiruvananthapuram District), Tenmala (Kollam district), and some newly discovered sites in the Malappuram and Kozhikkod districts.

Contact No : 011-23388014

Venue:  Kerala (Marayoor region (Idukki district), Ancode (Thiruvananthapuram District), Tenmala
8:00 am-10:00 pm
The Festival of Bharat

The Festival of Bharat is a 21st Century tribute to the majesty and depth of India’s multi-facted civilisation.

It features an unmissable 3-day Lit Fest with numerous high profile debates and talks; a 3-day evening live Music Fest featuring breathtakingly beautiful classical and contemporary Indian music and featuring legendary artistes and new stars; morning yoga and meditation sessions led by The Art of Living; a 5-day flea market and exhibition backed by state governments; a supremely healthy and delectable panoply of organic and vegetarian foods at the outdoor food fest; an Indic fashion show as organised for world leaders; and much more besides. Backed by the Government of India, All India Radio, Radio Mirchi, INOX and many more respected partners. Register without delay for you free or premium tickets, via

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Contact no : +91 98 1985 0534

Venue:  IGNCA, New Delhi
3:00 pm
Three-day National Seminar on Kalhaṇa’s Rājataraṅgiṇī: An historical perspective

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, the Indian Council of Historical Research with the academic support of Jammu Kashmir Study Centre will organise a three-day National Seminar on Kalhaṇa’s Rājataraṅgiṇī: a historical perspective at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi.

As part of this seminar, an exhibition titled The Cultural Heritage of Jammu &  Kashmir and Ladakh will also be displayed by IGNCA. This exhibition will endeavour to unravel the intellectual-cultural beauty of these regions.

Inauguration: May 3, 2018 at 3 pm, IGNCA Auditorium, C.V.Mess, IGNCA

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium & Conference Room, C.V. Mess and IGNCA Lecture Room, 11, Mansingh Road, New Delhi
10:00 am-5:30 pm
Two Days National Seminar on Ramayana Traditions and Performative traditions of Ramayana

Two Days National Seminar on “Ramayana Traditions of North-East: with special reference to Majuli” and Shastra and Prayoga Programme on “Performative traditions of Ramayana”

Time : Seminar — 10.00 am to 5.30 pm and Performances — 6.00 pm onwards
Contact No :  011-23388224/011-23388063

Venue:  Majuli, Majuli
10:00 am
International conference on "Indian inputs to Central Asian Art and Culture: Dharma Ratna Marg"

International Conference is organized by East Asia Programme Unit, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, India, in collaboration with Association for Central Asian Civilizations & Silk Road Studies, Cambridge, London, UK.

Contact No.  : 011-23388211

Venue:  Conference Hall, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, C.V Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
9:00 am-5:00 pm
International Conference on Angkor Wat: The Monument and the Living Presence

Innaugration : 28th March, 2018 at 10.30 am in the IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi

Venue:  Conference Hall, Media Centre No. 3, Dr Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi
10:00 am
International Conference on Rahul Sankrityayan (1893-1963): Maha Pandit in the Land of Snow

In collaboration with Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi.
Inauguration : 14th March, 2018 at 10.00am in the IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi

Venue:  IGNCA Conference Hall, C.V Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
10:00 am
Seminar on "The Legendary Vaggeyakar of Hindustani Classical Music of Khayal Gharanas"

Conceptualized & Curated by Dr Kumud Diwan.
Mentor : Dr. Bharat Gupt

Contact No :- 011-23388155

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium, CV Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
All Day
'Vishwa-Ved-Sammelan’ - World Conference on Vedas

Inauguration : 15th December, 2017 at 8.55am.
Chief Guest : Shri Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Vice President of India

Contact No :- 011-23367946/09810764795/9968573439

Venue:  IGNCA Conference Hall, Amphitheatre & it lawns, C.V. Mess, Janpath and Front lawns & lawns with stage, No. 3, R.P. Road, New Delhi
10:00 am-5:00 pm
National seminar on Rock Art of Central India with Special Reference to Madhya Pradesh

In Collaboration with Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS), Bhopal

Venue:  Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya (IGRMS), Shamla Hills, (next to RCE campus) Bhopal- 462013, Bhoapl
11:00 am-7:00 pm
LEELA : An Exhibition on Ramayana Tradition

The exhibition is built around philosophical, narrative, visual, pictorial and performing aspects of the Ramayana tradition in classical, folk and contemporary contexts. The theme is presented through manuscripts, sculptures, paintings including miniature painting, wooden, bronze, stone, terracotta arts & crafts, textiles, audio-visual and multimedia presentations. The exhibition has specifically designed installations to explain abstract philosophical concepts. One of the highlights of the exhibition is the exhibits from the collection of Kashi Naresh, Banaras and original Ramlila paraphernalia from the world acclaimed Ramnagar Ramlila. Museums all across the country are participating in the exhibition by loaning precious and rare exhibits from their collections. A special lecture series is also being organized around the theme of Ramayana. Special workshops for children are a part of this exhibition.

Leela Exhibition is extended upto 25th December, 2017 

Venue:  Twin Art Gallery, IGNCA, CV Mess, New Delhi
11:00 am-3:00 pm
National Seminar AND Exhibition of images ON 'Folk Arts & Crafts of Doab Area' and Imges of india

Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts in coordination with M.L. & J.N.K Girls College, Saharanpur is exhibiting an exhibition titled “Images of India” Curated by Mr. Virendra Bangroo.

There will be a traditional seminar on “Folk Arts and Crafts of Daab Area” on 25th and 26th Nov’2017 at 10 AM at College Auditorium.

The chief Guest would be Prof. N.K.Taneja, Vice Chancellor, C.C.S. University, Meerut

Venue:  M.L & J.N.K Girls College, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
10:00 am-1:30 pm
IGNCA and Raaggiri Trust is hosting a workshop, 'Sunenge tabhi to seekhenge'

BY students from PANCHSHEEL BALAK INTER COLLEGE Sector-91, Noida. This is the sixth workshop which will be oragnised with Raaggiri Trust.

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium ,CV mess, janpath, New Delhi
All Day
Hindi Pakhwada celebrations by IGNCA

Program Details
Contact : 011-23388155

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium and Conference Room, C V Mess,Janpath, New Delhi, New Delhi
All Day
25th July 2017 - National Conference on Green Economy by All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association (AIACA), Venue: IGNCA Conference Room, CV Mess, Janpath, New Delhi 110 001, Contact No.: 9999893910

National Conference on Green Economy by All India Artisans and Craftworkers Welfare Association (AIACA).

Venue:  IGNCA Conference Room, CV Mess, Janpath, New Delhi 110 001, New Delhi 110 001
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