Vastu Silpa (Architecture & Sculptures)

Lance Dane Collection 
This collection of art objects has sculptures and figurines of metal and wood from India and Nepal. It also includes slides and negatives of Indian, Nepalese and Cambodian art and architecture, photographed by Mr Dane, a well known art historian and collector, over the past fifty years.

Benoy Behl Collection of Ajanta frescoes photo documentation
The Ajanta caves, their ceilings and frescoes have been photo-documented by Shri Behl in great detail in 1991-92. His work furnishes a comprehensive picture of the site and the beautiful frescoes painted all over the caves. 

Shambunath Mitra Collection
Collection of black and white negatives of the terracotta decorated temples of West Bengal (Birbhum, Bankura, Burdwan, Hooghly, Howrah, Midnapore and Murshidabad districts). The importance of the collection lies in the fact that some of the temples and terracotta figures have been destroyed or damaged by the ravages of time and human neglect. The Cultural Archives has also recently acquired 1,151 black and white negatives of the terracotta temples of Purulia, North Bengal and 24 Pargana districts of West Bengal.