Collections of Other Divisions (Ethnographic Collection)

Harikatha Collection
This collection comprises of books on religion and philosophy in Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu and some audio recordings on Harikatha.

Sadagopan Collection
This collection contains silent films and audio tapes on the sermons and other religious functions of Jagad Guru Kamakoti Sankaracharya. It also includes photographs, slides, negatives, albums and notes.

Warli Paintings
This collection comprises of Warli paintings, well -known folk art of Maharashtra, that are made on cloth as well as paper.

Rock Arts Scale Reproductions
IGNCA had acquired the scale reproductions of the rock art of Bhimbetka, Uttarakhand, Jhiri and Kerala from Dr Yashodhar Mathpal, a scholar who has done extensive research on the subject. The paintings were made by the scholar inside the rock art caves in extremely difficult and challenging conditions.

Bastar Objects
This small collection of Bastar art contains figurines and object d’art typical of the region and made by local artists.

This collection has puppets from 17 countries as well as a documentation of puppet shows of certain countries like China, Tibet and India .

Marie Theresa Dutta Collection
A series of audio recordings of the famous Kumaoni ballad, Rajula Malushahi, sung and performed in the Uttaranchal area even today.

Musical Instruments Collection
A collection of some musical instruments, mainly of the Santhal tradition. The collection also includes the ”Banam,” now almost obsolete in terms of usage.

S. G. Tewari Collection
Collection of black and white negatives of Jawaharlal Nehru and of other leaders gifted by Shri S G Tewari.

Saraswati Mahal Slide Collection
A collection of slides on Mahabharata paintings to be found in the Saraswati Mahal Library, as documented for IGNCA by Shri VAK Rajamani.

Balan Nambiar Collection
This collection contains colour slides on the ritual dances of Kerala inclusive of costumes, characters, and occasions of the ritual performance as documented by Shri Balan Nambiar.

Benoy K . Behl Collection
Extensive photographic documentation of the Brhdesveta Temple, its architecture and daily rituals as documented by Shri Behl.

Shambhunath Mitra Collection
This collection is a photo documentation of the lives, places and people of the North Eastern Frontier of India, done by Shri S. N Mitra, from 1940 onwards. A civil engineer by profession, Shri Mitra documented the lifestyle and customs of the people and photographed the difficult terrain, rugged mountains and meandering streams and rivers of the terrain.

Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan Collection
Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan, Founder Trustee IGNCA, Ex MP Rajya Sabha and Trustee IGNCA donated her art collection to the Cultural Archives which has a wide range of cultural material including audio recordings and photographs of her life time research work and of her journey as an artist, scholar and Head of several institutions including IGNCA.