Other Collection

Elizabeth Brunner Paintings
The paintings of the renowned Hungarian painter Elizabeth Brunner, who had settled down in India after she left her country with her mother Elizabeth Sass Brunner, were documented by IGNCA in 1988. These paintings are mostly of landscapes of the Himalayas, Santiniketan, and also of people like Buddha, Tagore and Gandhi who had influenced Brunner. The Cultural Archives has also received 843 paintings of the Brunner family comprising of oils, watercolours and charcoal paintings of this mother-daughter duo. The collection includes a few works of Ferenc Sass Brunner, father of Elizabeth Brunner. Most of these are of the artist’s journey from Hungary to India via Italy and their sojourn in India particularly at Santiniketan, Kumaon, Gwalior and Rajasthan.

Coorg Costumes and Jewellery
The collection contains the traditional wedding costumes and jewellery worn by the bride and groom during the main wedding ceremony of the Coorgs.

Abdul Majid Ansari Collection
This collection contains delicate and exquisite surahis of unbaked clay made by joining thousands of very fine and tiny pieces of clay, by the master craftman.

Prof R P Mishra Collection
This collection, a gift from Prof R P Mishra, has reprints of geographical maps of Europe, Africa and Asia from the 15th century onwards.

Ananda Coomaraswamy Collection
This collection includes books, journals, music records, glass slides, and photographs from the personal collection of the great art historian and a man of letters, Shri Ananda Coomaraswamy. It was gifted to the Centre by his son, Shri Rama Coomaraswamy.

Martha Strawn Collection
The collection contains photographs of various kolam designs made with rice powder and dry colours on walls and floors. The detailed documentation accompanying the photographs is part of Dr. Martha Strawn’s research work. 

UNESCO Posters
This set of posters contains photographs of important sites in different parts of the world.