Music / Performance


The collection is a rare compilation of reprographs on the musical instruments of India including research notes made over a period of 40 years. The Centre has also acquired Ranganayaki Ayyangar’s collection of V.A.K. Ranga Rao’s, Natarajan’s Carnatic music.

S. Krishnaswami Collection
This collection is a rare compilation of photographs and sketches on the musical instruments of India. The material illustrates not those instruments that are played in the classical, folk and tribal genres of music in contemporary times, but also archaeological and sculptural representations of musical instruments of the past. The collection, compiled over a period of forty years, also comprises research notes of Shri Krishnaswami and about 30 hours of music on audio tapes.

S. Natarajan Collection
Shri Natarajan has recorded over 740 Carnatic music concerts from 1950 onwards. His collection of over 2,000 hours of music represents live performances of every major Carnatic music artiste from the early part of the century upto the present time. The collection also has some research material for musicologists interested in the style and music of various contemporary artists of Carnatic music.
V.A.K. Ranga Rao Collection
This collection of 78 rpm music records has been acquired from Shri Ranga Rao, a well-known collector of music records. It includes rare records of old Carnatic and some Hindustani music published by a few old recording companies. In addition to the genres of classical music, the collection also covers the areas of drama, stage music, non-film light music and film music in several Indian languages.

Ranganayaki Ayyengar Collection
This collection contains music records of Western classical music by composers like Beethoven and Motzart. It has been gifted by Dr Ranganayaki Ayyengar, a well known musicologist.

Dr S Venkatesan Collection
This collection, gifted by Shri Venkatesan, contains 78 rpm and EP records of Carnatic and Hindi music.