Ganga – A celestial journey from Mukhba to Gangotri

Date: 28/03/2014
Time: 10:00 pm
Venue: IGNCA, New Delhi

Director: – B.S Rawat Duration-46 Minutes04 Second
Produced by IGNCA

The film pans the snow – capped mountains of Himalaya to zoom in and captures the glimpses of Gaumukh Glaciers, from where Ganga emerges to create riverine civilization along her traverse of 2500 kms. before merging in Bay of Bengal. It explores the Ganga Icon in her two abodes, in Gangotri during summer, and 25 kms downhill, at Mukhba or Mukhimath, where she travels down after Deepawali.

The film captures the journey of Ganga Icon in her palanquin from Mukhba on the penultimate day before the Gangotri Temple opens on auspicious day of Akhayatritiya. The IGNCA’s camera team trekked 25 kms to document various rituals, oral myths and socio – religious nuances that have been in vogue for several millennia. It highlights how village God Someshwar-devta comes to Mukhba to offer his reverence as now Ganga Icon goes to Annapurna temple in the tapoobhumi of Markandya Muni’s Ashram. Then the palanquin goes to Durga Siddha Peetha for Ganga’s second halt. Thereafter she journeys through rock boulders and pugdandis, foot tracks to reach Jangla, a mythological station before reaching Kopang an ITBP camp. The procession now moves on to Bhairon Ghati, where the temple opens up to welcome Gangaji for the night halt. Then on Akshyatritiya, Gangaji’s yatra to reach Gangotri for its much celebrated opening. The film thus records the pada – yatra journey on foot, of Gangaji, explores the oral tradition of Semwals, the priests of Ganga Devi, highlights the relation of nature with the Prashad benediction of Gangotri, covers the ritual of opening of the Kapat, door, of Ganga Temple at Gangotri, Ganga icon returns to Mukhba in the same manner after Deepawali Day every year.