Indonesian Movie Screening.

Date: 13/08/2014 - 14/08/2014
Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Venue: IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess,, New Delhi

On the occasion of the Independence day of Indonesia, The Indonesian embassy is screening two Indonesian documentaries on 13 and 14 August, 2014.

On 13th August, 2014 Habibie and Ainun Duration : Two Hours
The movie depicts a true love story of the third Indonesian President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie (Habibie) and his beloved wife Hasri Ainun Habibie (Ainun). Habibie and Ainun were class mates in school. They met again in Indonesia upon Habibie’s returned from Germany for a temporary sick leave. On their first meeting at Ainun’s house in Bandung, they instantly fell in love. Their love journey continued when Habibie returned to Germany in order to pursue his studies in Aachen as well as when he was called by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to serve his country in the field of technology, aircraft industry and then politics. His ultimate services were to be CEO in Indonesia’s aircraft enterprise. Minister of Research and Technology, Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, and President of the Republic of Indonesia. Along Habibie’s outstanding career journey and dedication to Indonesia. Ainun was his loyal and loving partner and soul mate who was always there for him to provide endless support. The journey ended when Ainun became gravely ill and finally passed away. Habibie and Ainun’s love has been built on the journey to pursue their dreams. For Habibie, Ainun was his everything. She became the eyes to oversee his wife. For Ainun, Habibie had been her everything whom could fill love in her life. Every story has an end, every dream has a limit. Yet, Habibie and Ainun’s love never ended.

On 14th August, 2014 (open for all) The Border between Desire and Reality Duration : Two Hours

Abstract of the film: Border tells the story of Jaleswari, an ambitious and assertive woman who as assigned by her office from Jakarta to the rural area of Kalimantan located at the border of Malaysia and Indonesia to promote education to the local people. Her assignment was the promote education to the local people. Throughout her time in the rural area, she faced emotional battle when her vision to promote education was challenged by the values of local tradition and culture. This is a story of Jaleswari’s struggle for a better life of the people of Kalimantan through education, It also depicts her journey to introduce program to the people of Kalimantan without alienating them from their traditions and culture.

Venue: IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess, New Delhi – 01