Screening of Film by Media Centre: NAGAMANDALA- THE NAGA WORSHIP

Date: 24/05/2013
Time: 6:00 pm
Venue: Media Centre Auditorium, IGNCA, 3 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,, New Delhi

Naga or snake worship is a hoary Indian tradition. Naga is worshiped to ward-off ‘Nagadosha’ or the curse of the snakes and to ensure fertility and prosperity. For thousands of years devout have been coming to the land of Sage Parasurama on the bank of Kumaradhara River, in pilgrimage to the Kukke Sri Subramania temple in Karnaktaka, which is renowned for naga worship. The film highlights the coexistence of traditional folk and classical belief system in temple rituals, agrarian theories and practices and, Naga as in the six realms in Buddhist tradition. It showcases Udupi, the temple town, and cruises through the typical ant hill style villages, where Naga are worshipped alongside pitchers, decorated with serpents coiling upward. It also highlights the naga Bana where hundreds of Naga icons are kept at the base of trees as part of a functional agrarian ritual. It celebrates the Nagamandala in which 64 types of Naga ancestors are appeased with panda, placed on a rangoli, squared upon a yantra, to ward off evil. The snake coiled in polychromatic rangoli, daylong rituals and night long dance of male and female naga depict fertility and prosperity.

Director: – Shiv Prasad
Duration: 43 Minutes 12 Seconds
Produced by IGNCA
Copyright IGNCA

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