Office Orders

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Office Order regarding to appoint Dr. Jasbir Singh as Research Officer in IGNCA on regular basisOrder No. 05/202021.01.2020
Office Order regarding promotion of Dr. Data Ram Juyal & Smt. Reena RawatOrder No. 444/201913.12.2019
Office Order regarding promotion of Shri Ashok DograOrder No. 445/201913.12.2019
Office Order regarding promotion of Shri Alfred joyOrder No. 448/201913.12.2019
Office Order regarding promotion of Shri Manish SaxenaOrder No. 446/201913.12.2019
Office Order regarding promotion of Ms. Neelima SareenOrder No. 449/201913.12.2019
Office Order regarding promotion of Ms. Renu BaliOrder No. 450/201913.12.2019
Office Order reg. Revision of Sitting Fee in respect of Visiting Experts/Members of Committees/Panel/BoardOrder No. 432/201929.11.2019
Office Order reg. Shri Joy Kuriakose, Project Director, Mausam Project will be In-Charge for the overall functioning of the "Prastuti"Order No. 374/201922.10.2019
Office Order regarding Re-designation of post of Director(CIL) to Professor & Director(CIL)Order No. 373/201922.10.2019
Office Orders reg. Re-designation of the post of Director(L&I) as Professor & Director(L&I) Order No. 372/201922.10.2019
Office Order regarding promotion of Shri Rajiv Kumar Bhandari & Shri R. Raghu KumarOrder No. 367/201923.10.2019
Office Order reg. Pay Fixation in respect of Shri Naveen K. Gupta, Contriller(Media Centre)Order No. 366/201917.10.2019
Office Order reg. to appoint Ms. Vandana Kumari as Research Officer in IGNCA on RegularOrder No. 355/201911.10.2019
Channel of Link Officers of Accounts, submission of files during the absence of Officers on Official tour/leaveOffice Order 24.09.2019
Office Order reg. to appoint Dr. K Rajasekaran as Research Officer in IGNCA on regular BasisOrder No. 296/2019 21.08.2019
Office Orders reg. to appoint Dr. Rembemo Odyuo and Dr. Dileep Kumar Sant as Research Officer in IGNCA on Regular BasisOrder No. 256/2019 25.07.2019
Office Order Reg. Age of Superannuation for Faculty Positions(Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors) in IGNCAOrder No. 244/2019 24.07.2019
Order regarding Channel of Link OfficersOrder (25.02.2019) 06.03.2019
Office Order of Dr. Ajay Kumar Mishra,
Regional Director
Order No. 341/201824.12.2018
Office Order reg Appellate Authority and CPIO Order No. 332/201812.12.2018
Appointment Order of Dr. Sajith, Regional Director, Thrissur Order No. 326/201806.12.2018
Office Order of Lt. Col. R.A. Rangnekar, appoint as Director (A) in the IGNCA Order No. 321/201829.11.2018
Transferred Orders Order No. 269/201817.10.2018
Office Order reg. 1st Appellate Authority and CPIO Order No. 256/201804.10.2018
Office Order reg Appellate Authority and CPIO Order No. 228/201821.08.2018
Office Order No. 56/2018 regarding promotion Order No. 56/201808.03.2018
Office Order No. 296/2017 regarding Appellate Authority of the RTI matters relating to IGNCA Order No. 296/201704.12.2017
Office Order for all regional centres Order No. 20218.09.2017
Transfer Order of Shri K N ValsakumarOrder No. 125/2017 19.06.2017

In reference to this Office Order No. 68/2017 dated 05.04.2017 and 01.06.2017. Dr. Richa Negi, assistant Professor Gr.II has joined IGNCA Regional Centre, Guwahati with effect from 13.06.2017

Order No. 130 / 2017 dated 27.06.2017 03.07.2017
21st June 2017 - Celebration of International Yoga Day Circular20.06.2017
Appellate Authority under RTI Act.Order No. 63 / 2017 dated
Appellate Authority under RTI Act. Order No. 76 / 2017 dated 
Vigilance CellNotification22.03.2017
Promotion order Office Order 42 /201721.02.2017
Appointment of Ms. Vinita Srivastava, IRSME (1995) as Joint Secretary, IGNCA Office Order 39 /2017 14.02.2017
Dr. Vijay Shankar Shukla, Associate Professor is transferred and posted to IGNCA Regional Centre, Varanasi.

Office Order 34 /201602.12.2016
Additional Charge of Joint Secretary and Duties of CPIO to Shri P Jha, Director (CIL).

Office Order 22 /201630.11.2016
CPIO and Appellate AuthorityOffice Order 07 /201610.11.2016
CPIO and Appellate AuthorityOffice Order 185 /201604.10.2016
Departmental Promotions Office Order 142, 143, 144
Office Order26.08.2016
Office Orders 114, 115, 116 / 2016Office Order08.07.2016
Departmental PromotionsOffice Order NO. 21/2016
Office Order NO. 22 / 2016
Office Order NO. 23 / 2016
Office Order NO. 24 / 2016
Steps for conducting inquiry in case of allegation of Sexual Harassment Office Memorandum18.08.2015
Issuance of Ordinary Passport to Govt. Servants, PSU/Autonomous body employeesOffice Memorandum29.07.2015
System of Link Officers of the grade of Divisional Head / Unit Head in the IGNCAOffice Order 3/73/2015-SD/AM08.07.2015
परिसर में निवारक अग्नि सुरक्षा एवं ऊर्जा के उपाय ।कार्यालय ज्ञापन02.07.2015
Immovable Property ReturnCircular 18/05/2015
Circular 14/05/2015
IPR - Proforma
Coordinator for North East ProgrammesOffice Order 49/201520.032015
Constitution of Vigilance CellNotification05.032015
Strengthening of Machinery for Redressal of Public GrievancesOffice Orders01.09.2014
  • Part I - Administrative Powers
  • Part II - Financial Powers
  • Part III - General Conditions
Model Agreement Template for agreement to be signed on behalf of Govt. of India with other Organization / Countries for organizing International Exhibitions (incoming / outgoing)Model Template Agreement17.12.2013
In continuation of SOP No. 3 dated 3rd July 2013Office Orders
Notification - Vigilance OfficerNotification11.09.2013
Office Orders from 130 - 150 (21 orders) - Promotion ordersOffice Orders26.07.2013
Re-designation of postsOffice Order01.07.2013
Re-designation of Posts - office Order No. 87/2013Office Order30.05.2013
Re-designation of isolated posts Office Order No. 29 / 2013 dated 7th March 2013Corrigendum 228.05.2013
National Pension Scheme No. 84/2013Office Order27.05.2013
Appointment of Vigilance Officer and Grievance Redressal Officer - Order No. 45 / 2013Office Order22.03.2013
Re-designation of isolated posts Office Order No. 29 / 2013 dated 7th March 2013Corrigendum 105.042013
Re-designation of isolated posts Office Order No. 29 / 2013 dated 7th March 2013Office Order07.03.2013