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  • पाठपथ के साथ ऋगवेद की असवाल्यान संहिता

    ISBN : 978-81-85503-18-9
    Edited By :B. B. Choubey

    (Vol. I(Mandalas 1-5) 2009, xxiv+148+678pp)

    The Purāṇa literature gives ample information about the existence of Śākhā-Saṁhitās. Deviations in text, order and number of ṛk mantras started giving rise to different Śākhā-Saṁhitās from the time of Ācārya Paila; Patañjali…Read More

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    Bhand Pather – The Folk threate of Kashmir

    ISBN : 978-93-5050-24
    Edited By :SUSHMA JATOO AND SUDHIR LALL , Distributor: B.R.Publishing Corporation, New Delhi-15

    (2016, pp. xv+228, illust. 122(col. & b/w), )
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  • मंथनभैरवतंत्रम

    ISBN : 978-246-0498-3
    Edited By :Mark S.G. Dyszkowski

    (2009, clxxxv+4873pp., illus.,intro.,notes, biblio., & Indices)

    The Manthānabhairavatantram is about 24,000 verses long and is divided into three sections (khaṇḍas). The one edited and translated here is the Kumārikākhaṇḍa. Along with the Kubjikāmata, the Manthānabhairavatantra is the most important and extensive Tantra dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Kubjikā…Read More

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  • संख्यानरूद्रध्याय (खंड I और II)

    ISBN : 978-81-855-3-15-8
    Edited By :Prakash Pandey

    (2009, vii+102)

    भारतीय श्रौत एवं स्मार्त दोनों परम्पराओं में शिव आराधरा, वृषोत्सर्ग आदि अनेक याज्ञिक क्रियाओं में रुद्राध्याय का पाठ आदि काल से होता आ रहा है।…Read More

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