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संगीत और नृत्य पर ग्रंथ

  • तरजुमा-ए-मानकूतुहल एंड रिसाल-ए-रागदर्पण ऑफ फज़ीरुल्लाह (नवाब सैफ खान)

    ISBN : 81-208-1282-4

    (1996 lxviii+314pp)

    This is the first Persian text brought out in the Kalāmūlaśāstra Series. The volume presents a combined text on music in Persian that was compiled during the seventeenth century CE. The fact of its being a combined text has gone unnoticed till recently. Read More

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  • दत्तिलम ऑफ दत्तिला मुनि

    ISBN : 81-208-0586-0
    Edited By :MUKUND LATH

    (1988, xvii+236pp, textual notes., com., appen., bibl.)

    The Dattilam, ascribed to Dattila Muni, is a remarkable treatise from the earliest known period of organized systematic writing on music in India. The work can be placed in the same period as that of the available recension of the Nāṭyaśāstra of Bharata MuniRead More

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  • द पुष्पसूत्र

    ISBN : 81-208-1792-3(set)
    Edited By :G. H. TARLEKAR

    (2001, 2 vols., xxxii+415pp, appen. bibl.)

    The Puṣpa-Sūtra is one of the major ancillary works in the Sāman technical literature attributed to the Kauthuma and Rāṇāyaṇīya schools. It deals with the Sāman melodies and their structure.Read More

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  • बृहददेशी ऑफ श्री मतंग मुनि

    ISBN : 81-208-1031-7

    (1992, Vol.I, xviii+193pp)

    The Bṛhaddeśī ascribed to Mataṅga Muni, and most probably belonging to the sixth century CE, is a landmark in Saṅgītaśāstra for more than one reason. It is the solitary text that forges a link between Nāṭyaśāstra and Dattilam Read More

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  • चतुर्दन्दी प्रकाशिका ऑफ वेंकटमाखिन

    ISBN : 81-208-1851-2

    (2006, xxv+472 pp)

    The Caturdaṇḍīprakāśikā (c. CE 1650) of Venkatamakhin is a fundamental treatise of Karnataka music and marks the rearguard in the renaissance of Indian music. It has launched a crucial, conceptual revolution which has metamorphosed this musical system into an enduring and attractive paddhatiRead More

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  • मात्रालक्षणम

    ISBN : 81-208-0585-5
    Edited By :WAYNE HOWARD

    (1988, xvi,+98 pp,musical notations, bibl)

    The publication of this volume has laid the foundation of the IGNCA’s programme of publishing fundamental texts of the Indian traditions in original with translations. The importance of this text is enhanced by the fact that it represents two very important śakhās (recensions) of the Sāmaveda – Rāṇāyanīya and Kauthuma-on chanting. Read More

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  • नर्तन-निर्णय ऑफ श्री पंडारिका विट्ठल खंड 3

    ISBN : 81-208-1217-9

    (1994, Vol. I, xiii+357pp.)

    The Nartananirṇaya is one of the notable Sanskrit treatise on Indian music and dance, appearing after the Saṅgītaratnākara of Śārṅgadeva. Its author Śrī Paṇḍarīka Viṭṭhala (sixteenth century) was a profound and versatile scholar who had also written Ṣaḍrāgacandrodaya, Rāgamālā, Rāgamañjarī, Dūtīkarmaprakāśa and Śīghrabodhinī-nāmamālā.Read More

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  • रागलक्ष्मण ऑफ श्री मुद्दुवेंकटमाखिन

    ISBN : 978-81-208-3408-8

    (2010, xvii + 376 pp)

    The Rāgalakṣaṇam was composed by Mudduveṅkaṭamakhin in Tanjore in the early eighteenth century CE. It is an important text of Karnataka music and appeared in an effervescent epoch in the development of this music system of which it deals only with rāga…Read More

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  • Placeholder

    (English) RAGAVIBODHA

    ISBN : 978-81-208-3794-2

    (2014, xlv+391pp.)

    Sorry, currently this content is only available in English

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  • संगीत नारायण खंड I और II

    ISBN : 978-81-208-3289-3
    Edited By :Mandakaranta Bose

    (2009, xix + 968 pp)

    The Saṅgītanārāyaṇa is a Sanskrit text on music and dance written in the seventeenth century by Puruṣottama Miśra, a minister at the court of King Gajapati Nārāyaṇadeva of Parlākimiḍi in Orissa and his instructor in musicology, with the assistance of the king…Read More

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