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संगीत और नृत्य पर ग्रंथ

  • श्रीहस्तमुक्तावली ऑफ शुभंकर कवि

    ISBN : 81-208-0829-0
    Edited By :MAHESWAR NEOG

    (991, xlii+206pp)

    Many texts on music, dance and drama continued to be written in different parts of India through the seventeenth century.

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  • वचनाचार्य श्री सुधाकलसा की द संगीतोपनिष्ट-सारोदधारह

    ISBN : 81-208-1548-3
    Edited By :ALLYN MINER

    (1998, lxvii+263pp)

    The Sudhākalaśa Saṅgītaratnākara is an important medieval text written in 1350 CE. It is attributed to a Jaina scholar, Vācanācārya Śrī Sudhākalaśa and represents a distinctive western Indian and Jaina stream of musicology…Read More

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