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रीति-रिवाजों पर ग्रंथ

  • अजीतमहातंत्रम

    ISBN : 81-208-1969-I

    (2005, 5 vols., xii+277pp)

    The Hindu temple is the seat of a full culture including material commodities and services, arts ranging from cooking and flower decoration, to music and philosophy. To conceive, build, organize, manage, maintain such a privileged site of culture, an authentic and well-thought out theory and guidance is required…Read More

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  • बौद्धयाना स्रोत-सूत्र

    ISBN : 81-208-1852-0
    Edited By :C. G. KASHIKAR

    (2003, 4 vols., xlv+1844pp)

    The Baudhāyana-Śrauta-sutra together with an English translation is being presented here in four volumes. The Baudhāyana-Śrauta-sutra belongs to the Kṛṣṇa Yajurveda Taittirīya recension…Read More

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    I e-Book
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    III e-Book
    IV e-Book
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  • ईश्वरसंहिता

    ISBN : 978-81-208-3217-6
    Edited By :V. VARADACHARI

    (2009, 371 pp.)

    Vaiṣṇavism has given rise to two very important schools of ritual and philosophy – Vaikhanasa and Pāñcarātra.
    Īśvarasaṁhitā is an important text of the Pāñcarātra school of Vaiṣṇavism…Read More

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  • काणवश्टपथब्राह्मणम

    ISBN : 81-208-1126-7
    Edited By :C. R. Swaminathan

    (खंड, I, II, III, IV और V (खंड 10 तक))

    While the texts on a particular art or a group of related arts, provide details of the principles of form and delineate intricacies of techniques, the foundations of these lie in the articulation of a worldview in the Vedas,…Read More

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    Volume eBook Price
    1994, VOl. I (kanda one), xxiii+168., textual notes ISBN: 81-208-1126-7, Rs. 300 e-Book Rs. 300
    1997, vol. II (kandas two & three), xxv+297pp., textual notes, ISBN: 81-208-1127-5, Rs. 550 e-Book Rs. 550
    2000, Vol. III (kandas four & five), xxvii+414pp., textual notes, ISBN: 81-208-1549-1, Rs. 700 e-Book Rs. 700
    2001, Vol. IV (kandas six, seven & eight), ix+334pp., textual notes, ISBN 81-208-1150-5, Rs. 600 e-Book Rs. 600
    2005, Vol. V (kandas nine & ten) ix+225pp., Abb., ISBN 81-208-2047-9 (Vol. V) ISBN: 81-208-1128-3(set), Rs. 497 e-Book Rs. 497

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  • लाटयायन स्रोत–सूत्र खंड 3

    ISBN : 81-208-1565-3(set)
    Edited By :H.G.RANADE

    (1998 3 vols., xxi+1266 pp., bibl., indexes)

    The Śrauta Sūtras form a very important unit of the Sūtras literature which lays down in brief the quintessence of the Vedic texts, i.e. the Saṁhitās and the Brāhmaṇas strengthening further the sacrificial tradition in India.

    The Lāṭyāyana-Śrauta-Sūtra is dealing with the duties of the chanting priests, viz. the Udgātṛ, Prastotṛ, Pratihartṛ and Subrahmaṇya in the Śrauta ritual with special reference to the Soma sacrifice, belonging.Read More

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  • (द तंत्र ऑफ स्वयंभू विद्यापाठ )सदयोज्योति की व्याख्या सहित

    ISBN : 91-208-1125-9

    (1994, xxxviii+144pp)

    Complementary and co-eval with other fundamental texts has been the tradition of the Āgamas and some portions of the Purāṇas.as which deal not so much with construction of temples and the making of the images but with the worshipping of deities and the methodologies of enlivening,…Read More

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