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कला और सौंदर्य

  • ऐस्थेटिक्स एंड मोटीवेशन्स इन आर्ट एंड साइंस

    ISBN : 81-224-0746-3
    Edited By :KIRAN C. GUPTA

    (1996, xvi+183pp.)

    This volume is a collection of twelve papers invited for a National Seminar based on the seminal work, “Truth and Beauty; Aesthetics and Motivations in Science” by the Nobel Laureate S. Chandrasekhar. The contributions are by experts in arts, fine arts and science,…Read More

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  • सेलेक्टेड लेटर्स ऑफ रोमन रोलैंड (प्रिंट कॉपी उपलब्ध नहीं है)

    ISBN : 0-19-562551-x

    (1990, 139pp., index,)

    This selection of letters of Romain Rolland, many of which are published here for the first time, was presented on the occasion of the Festival of France in India. They recall the privileged dialogue between India and the French writer. Attentive to the messages of other cultures,…Read More

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  • टाइम एंड एटरनल चेंज (प्रिंट कॉपी उपलब्ध नहीं है)

    ISBN : 81-207-1288-9
    Edited By :J. Mckim Malville

    (1990, xi+112pp., bibl.)

    Time and change are inseparable partners. Without the rhythm (time) of the changing seasons, the slow death of our sun or the outward movements of galaxies there would be no flow of time. As an astro­ physicist and a student of myth and archaeoastronomy the author guides the reader through…Read More

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  • आर्ट एज़ डायलॉग

    ISBN : 81-246-0043-0
    Edited By :Goutam Biswas

    (1995, 155pp., index,)

    It focuses on a totally new methodology for understanding the concept of aesthetic experience, a dialogue between the subject and the object, I and Thou. Most significantly, the conception of…Read More

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  • (English) ART EXPERIENCE

    ISBN : 81-7304-180-6
    Edited By :M. Hiriyanna

    (1997, xiii+113pp.)

    Sorry, currently this content is only available in English

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  • बनारसीदास चतुर्वेदी के चुनिंदा पत्र

    ISBN : 81-267-1109-4
    Edited By :Narayan Dutt

    (2006, (in 2 vols.))

    बीसवीं सदी के पूर्वार्द्ध में नए हिन्दी समाज के निर्माण में साहित्य की भूमिका इतनी निर्णायक थी कि तब के हमारे सभी महत्त्वपूर्ण साहित्यकार नए समाज के निर्माता के रूप में भी जाने जाते हैं। बनारसीदास चतुर्वेदी भी उन्हीं में से एक थे। हिन्दी की जातीय संस्कृति तथा मनीषा के विकास के लिए उन्होंने सबसे अलग और मौलिक राह चुनी थी।…Read More

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  • कन्वरसेशन विद पंडित अमरनाथ

    ISBN : 81-85503-07-9
    Edited By :Bindu Chawla

    (2004, xiii+171pp., Index)

    This work lays bare the inner wisdom of Hindustani music through the intimate reflections of Pandit Amarnath, who, voted as one of the four great genius musicians of the twentieth century, came to be widely acknowledged as a musicians’ musician, a legend of his times…Read More

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  • क्रॉफ्टिंग ट्रेडीशन्स – डाकोमेंटिंग ट्रेडस एंड क्राफ्ट्स इन अर्ली नाइनटींथ (19th) सेन्चुरी नॉर्थ इंडिया

    ISBN : 81-7305-249-2
    Edited By :Mehr Afshan Farooqi

    (2005, xxxix+127+38pp., appen., gloss., index)

    Our knowledge of Indian society during British rule in the nineteenth century has rested primarily on the voluminous records of the East India Company, the works of various Europeans, the writings of many civil servants of the Company and the accounts of Indians writing in this period…Read More

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  • कल्चर्ल हिस्ट्री ऑफ उत्तराखंड

    ISBN : 81-246-0434-7
    Edited By :D. D. Sharma

    (2009, xxxi+417pp. Index, bibl., folded Maps 1, 75 coloured, 7 blw photo.)

    Cultural history of Uttarakhand is an outcome of many years of keen observation of the linguistic and cultural phenomena of the whole Himalayan region, right from Ladakh in the west to Bhutan in the east and an intensive study of ancient Indian literature and of the historical incidents that have taken place in the central Himalayan regions, particularly in the land termed as Uttarakhand…Read More

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  • डिक्शनरी ऑफ इंडो-परशियन लिटरेचर

    ISBN : 81-7017-311-6
    Edited By :Nabi Hadi

    (1995, xiv+757pp., indexes)

    Since the eleventh century Indian subcontinent had been producing a galaxy of authors who wrote in Persian. Their mastery over diverse fields of knowledge is evident from the range and variety of books produced by them. Their works deal with such varied subjects as Sufism,…Read More

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