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कला और सौंदर्य

  • इलस्ट्रेटेड डिक्शनरी ऑफ वैदिक रिचुअल्स

    ISBN : 81-7305-309-X
    Edited By :H. C. RANADE

    (2006, XXXvi+348pp., Bibl., B/w Illus. 209)

    The present lexicon explains the meaning and significance of ritualistic terms frequently occurring in the Śrauta-Sūtras, together with a short description of the sacrificial rites connected or meant therewith. It is an outcome of the engagement of the author with Śrauta ritual for a very long time. He has not only a first-hand knowledge of the texts but also a practical acquaintance with the subject acquired through participating in such sacrifices…..Read More

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  • इंडियन नैरेटोलॉजी

    ISBN : 81-207-2502-6
    Edited By :K. Ayyappa Paniker

    (2003, v+200 pp., appen., bibl., index)

    This book is an attempt to provide a bird’s eye-view of the efforts made by Indians in the past, to arrive at various strategies in the art of narration. Without going into elaborate details about each of these strategies, it tries to highlight the awareness with which Indian storytellers have established very clear demarcations…Read More

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  • इंटरकल्चरल डायलॉग एंड द ह्यूमन इमेज

    ISBN : 81-246-0044-9
    Edited By :S. C. MALIK and PAT BONI

    (1995, xiv+229pp.)

    This work incorporates Prof. Maurice Friedman’s lectures, discussions and exchanges which took place in the Intercultural Dialogue at many levels. The integral dialogical approach of Friedman within the framework of the human image, coincides with the holistic visions of the ongoing work at the IGNCA.
    Book Review – Article Published in News Letter

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  • इस्लामिक आर्ट एंड स्प्रिचुएलिटी

    ISBN : 090-38803-53
    Edited By :Seyyed Hossein Nasr

    (1990, x+213pp., col.& B&W illus. index)

    This is the first book in English to deal with the spiritual significance of Islamic art including not only the plastic arts but also literature and music. Relying upon his extensive knowledge of the Islamic religion in both its exoteric and esoteric dimensions as well as the various Islamic sciences,… Read More

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  • महात्मा गांधी एंड आर्ट

    ISBN : 81-85503-060-0
    Edited By :Y P Anand

    (2003, 68pp.)

    This monograph is based on a lecture delivered by Y.P. Anand, Director, National Gandhi Museum, Rajghat, New Delhi, on “Mahatma Gandhi and Art” in the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi, on 21 December 2001…Read More

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  • मुगल एंड परसियन पेंटिग्स एंड इल्सट्रेटेड मैन्यूस्क्रिप्ट इन द रजा लायब्रेरी, रामपुर

    ISBN : 81-85503-07-9-0
    Edited By :Barbara Schmitz & Ziyad-Din A. Desai

    (2004, xiii+171pp.)

    During the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century, the Nawwabs of Rampur, the hereditary rulers of Rohilkhaṇḍ, a district some 75 km, east of New Delhi, amassed a large collection of books and art, including illustrated books and album paintings. Their collection was given to the people of India after independence…Read More

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  • न्यूमिसमैटिक आर्ट ऑफ इंडिया हिस्टोरीकल एंड एस्थेटिक पर्सपैक्टिव्स

    ISBN : 81-215-1187-9
    Edited By :B. N. Mukherjee

    (2007, (Vol. I) xi+263pp., intro., plates)

    Volume I: This volume deals with the numismatic art of India up to c. CE 1835. The modern age in Indian coinage commenced in about this year.

    This volume contains a comprehensive history of art in Indian coins during the early and medieval periods. It embodies the first ever attempt in this direction…List of Abbreviations, Select Bibliography andRead More

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  • रिलीजन एंड द एनवायर्नमेंटर क्रायसिसः द व्यूज़ ऑफ हिन्दुज़्म एंड इस्लाम

    ISBN :
    Edited By :Seyyed Hossein Nasr

    (1993 32pp.)

    In a memorable lecture delivered by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, the author delves deep into the causes of the environmental crisis which has gripped both the developed and the developing world. His piercing and sharp argument takes us through the different approaches of mankind toward nature and the manner in which pure science and technology have been used, to satisfy greed, not need.

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  • शारदा एंड तकारी एल्फाबेट्सः ऑरीजिन एंड एल्फाबेट्स

    ISBN : 81-246-0412-6
    Edited By :Bhushan Kumar Kaul Deambi

    (2008 xxiii+173pp.)

    Among the Indian scripts the Śāradā script has a pride of place. Though an alphabet of Kashmir par excellence it remained for several centuries a popular script of an extensive area of north-western India including Afghanistan, Gandhāra or north-western Pakistan, the Darad territories of Gilgit, Chilas and Chitral, Ladakh, Jammu, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi…Read More

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  • द लाइफ एंड टाईम्स ऑफ ला मेरी- द क्वीन ऑफ एथनिक डांस

    ISBN : 81-7305-292-1
    Edited By :Monograph by: Usha Venkateswaran

    (2005, xv+113pp., appen.)

    Russel Meriwether Hughes, born in Louisville, Kentucky, on 13 May 1898, later came to be known as “LaMeri”, the dancer, poet, writer, ethnic dance teacher and choreographer of repute. She travelled three times around the world and each time she diligently studied authentic dance forms and made them part of her repertoire…Read More

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