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भारत और विश्व

  • स्टाइलिस्टिक्स ऑफ अर्ली खमेर आर्ट

    ISBN : 81-7305-256-5
    Edited By :Mireille Benisti

    (2003(2 vols.), xxxvi+388pp., illus.)

    The present volume contains translations of Benisti’s major publications dealing with Khmer art. The main article is a study of the relations between early Khmer and Indian art, i.e. seventh and eighth centuries, the crucial period of the introduction of Indian religion and other components of Indian culture in the first well-organized kingdom of Khmer land…Read More

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  • द थाउज़ैंड-आर्मड अवलोकितेश्वर

    ISBN : 81-7017-247-0
    Edited By :Lokesh Chandra

    (1988, 303 pp. bibl., plates)

    This publication is a fundamental work based on original Sanskrit, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Sogdian and Tibetan works, on the ongm of Avalokiteśvara. Several prevalent folk deities were assimilated into the iconographical form of Avalokite8vara. The worship of Avalokiteśvara was accompanied by a dhāraṇī (recited hymn). This work describes five versions of dhāraṇī…Read More

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    ISBN : 13; 978-93-50500002
    Edited By : Edi Sedyawati and I. Wayan Ardika

    (2012, x + 215pp. index)

    The pioneering researches on Indonesia are mostly done by Dutch scholars who formulated various theories based on archaeological remains. Since then, a large number of new discoveries have been brought to light. The present book Recent Studies in Indonesian Archaeology includes seventeen research papers contributed by eminent scholars of Indonesia…Read More

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