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    “लिग्युएस्ट एंड लिटरेसी लेजेंसी ऑफ मिडीवल इंडिया

    ISBN : None
    Edited By :Indra Nath Choudhuri

    Monograph prepared for delivering the Professor Suniti Kumar Chatterji Memorial Lecture on 6th May 2011 at IGNCA
    Let me first express my gratitude to IGNCA for the invitation which they gave me to deliver the most prestigious Professor Suniti Kumar Chatterji Memorial Lecture…Read More

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  • मुगल एंड परसियन पेंटिग्स एंड इल्सट्रेटेड मैन्यूस्क्रिप्ट इन द रजा लायब्रेरी, रामपुर

    ISBN : 81-85503-07-9-0
    Edited By :Barbara Schmitz & Ziyad-Din A. Desai

    (2004, xiii+171pp.)

    During the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century, the Nawwabs of Rampur, the hereditary rulers of Rohilkhaṇḍ, a district some 75 km, east of New Delhi, amassed a large collection of books and art, including illustrated books and album paintings. Their collection was given to the people of India after independence…Read More

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  • मुराल्स फॉर गॉडेसेस एंड गॉडः द ट्रडीशन ऑफ ओसकोठी रिचुअल पेटिंग्स इन उड़ीसा

    ISBN : 81-7305-095-3
    Edited By :Eberhard Fischer and Dinanath Pathy

    (1996, 224pp., col. and b&w plates)

    This monograph is a magnificent document of India’s ritual painting based on systematic study of the osakoṭhī ( osa: penance, koṭhī: sacred space) murals of Orissa. It explores the rare rich and meaningful and fast disappearing ritual art of mural painting…Read More

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  • नर्तन-निर्णय ऑफ श्री पंडारिका विट्ठल खंड 3

    ISBN : 81-208-1217-9

    (1994, Vol. I, xiii+357pp.)

    The Nartananirṇaya is one of the notable Sanskrit treatise on Indian music and dance, appearing after the Saṅgītaratnākara of Śārṅgadeva. Its author Śrī Paṇḍarīka Viṭṭhala (sixteenth century) was a profound and versatile scholar who had also written Ṣaḍrāgacandrodaya, Rāgamālā, Rāgamañjarī, Dūtīkarmaprakāśa and Śīghrabodhinī-nāmamālā.Read More

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  • गांधीज़ इम्पैक्ट ऑन बोसेज़ स्कॉलरशिप

    ISBN :
    Edited By :Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya

    (1997, 43 pp.)

    These two lectures second in the series were delivered by Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya. The first lecture brings out N.K Bose’s commitment to Gandhiji’s ideas. Bose presented Gandhiji as a rebel who wanted to transform himself as well as others through love and non-violent compassion…Read More

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  • न्यूमिसमैटिक आर्ट ऑफ इंडिया हिस्टोरीकल एंड एस्थेटिक पर्सपैक्टिव्स

    ISBN : 81-215-1187-9
    Edited By :B. N. Mukherjee

    (2007, (Vol. I) xi+263pp., intro., plates)

    Volume I: This volume deals with the numismatic art of India up to c. CE 1835. The modern age in Indian coinage commenced in about this year.

    This volume contains a comprehensive history of art in Indian coins during the early and medieval periods. It embodies the first ever attempt in this direction…List of Abbreviations, Select Bibliography andRead More

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  • परसैप्शन ऑफ द वेद

    ISBN : 81-7304-254-3
    Edited By :Vidya Nivas Mishra

    (2000, 449pp)

    In 1933, Coomaraswamy published A New Approach to the Vedas, and thereafter he regularly brought out longer and shorter studies of the Vedas and Upani ads till the year 1947. These works were published in a variety of American, European and Indian journals. These essays have been arranged here in this volume in relation to some aspects or the other of Vedic text as one integrated perception…..Read More

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  • पर्वेसिव टर्म – व्यापती, खंड-I I बेत्तिना बौमर (सं.)

    ISBN : 81-208-1045-7
    Edited By :Bettina Baumer

    (2001, xxxiv+287pp., line drawings, bibL, index,)

    ब्रह्म (पूर्ण), पुरुष (आदमी), आत्मा (सब का सार), सरीर (शरीर), प्राण (जीवन सांस), बीज (जन्म), लक्षण (चिह्न) और शिल्प (कला और शिल्प)।

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  • प्रीमल एलीमेंट-महाभूत, खंड-III III बेत्तिना बौमर (सं.)

    ISBN : 81-208-1402-9
    Edited By :Bettina Baumer.

    (1996, xxx:vii+446pp., line drawings, bibl.,)

    प्रकृति, भूत, महाभूत, आकाश, वायु, अग्नि, ज्योतिष / तेजस / प्रकाश, एपी, पृथ्वी/भूमि।[/read] Book Review

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  • प्रिसिंपल्स ऑफ कम्पोजीशन इन हिन्दू स्कल्पचरः केव टेंपल पीरियड

    ISBN : 81-208-0705-7
    Edited By :Alice Boner

    (1990, xvii+274 pp. line drawings, b&w plates, gloss. index)

    This work represents an approach to a hitherto unexplored aspect of Hindu sculpture. Dealing with pre-medieval sculptures and leaving aside the historical, doctrinal and aesthetic aspects of this art, it concentrates exclusively on the question of composition. The principles of composition,…Read More

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