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  • प्रावर्ब्ज़ एंड फोकलोर ऑफ कुमाउं एंड गढ़वाल

    ISBN : 81-7022-894-8

    (2003, xxviii+400pp.)

    Proverbs and folklore of Kumaun and Garhwal is the first of its kind. The book is gifted with a rich collection of proverbs, axioms, sayings and phrases for particular occasions as well as the customs and manners out of which they arise. Clustering more…Read More

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  • राबरीः ए पेस्टोरल कम्यूनिटी ऑफ कच्छ

    ISBN : 81-7107-026-4
    Edited By :Francesco d'Orazi Flavoni

    (1990 136pp. col. and b&w plates, bibl.)

    This work is unencumbered by ethnography. It serves as a valuable introduction to what is called at the IGNCA, loka paramaparā – the people’ tradition. As a picture book it is an art-work of high quality and as a descriptive material it is a new and fresh exposition of Rabari lifestyle.

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  • रागलक्ष्मण ऑफ श्री मुद्दुवेंकटमाखिन

    ISBN : 978-81-208-3408-8

    (2010, xvii + 376 pp)

    The Rāgalakṣaṇam was composed by Mudduveṅkaṭamakhin in Tanjore in the early eighteenth century CE. It is an important text of Karnataka music and appeared in an effervescent epoch in the development of this music system of which it deals only with rāga…Read More

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  • Placeholder

    (English) RAGAVIBODHA

    ISBN : 978-81-208-3794-2

    (2014, xlv+391pp.)

    Sorry, currently this content is only available in English

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  • रिलीजन एंड द एनवायर्नमेंटर क्रायसिसः द व्यूज़ ऑफ हिन्दुज़्म एंड इस्लाम

    ISBN :
    Edited By :Seyyed Hossein Nasr

    (1993 32pp.)

    In a memorable lecture delivered by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, the author delves deep into the causes of the environmental crisis which has gripped both the developed and the developing world. His piercing and sharp argument takes us through the different approaches of mankind toward nature and the manner in which pure science and technology have been used, to satisfy greed, not need.

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  • संख्यानरूद्रध्याय (खंड I और II)

    ISBN : 978-81-855-3-15-8
    Edited By :Prakash Pandey

    (2009, vii+102)

    भारतीय श्रौत एवं स्मार्त दोनों परम्पराओं में शिव आराधरा, वृषोत्सर्ग आदि अनेक याज्ञिक क्रियाओं में रुद्राध्याय का पाठ आदि काल से होता आ रहा है।…Read More

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  • रिचुअल ऐज़ आईडिओलॉजीः टेक्स्ट एंड कॉन्टेक्सट इन टेय्यम

    ISBN : 81-246-0275-1
    Edited By :Chandran T. V.

    (2005, xx+133pp., one map, 54 coloured photos, bibl., index)

    Teyyam, the spectacular ritual dance widely performed in north Kerala, has its distinct forms of visual and verbal expression. However, what was once expressed through the distinctly indigenous forms of this religious “other” no longer remains the same,…Read More

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  • रॉक आर्ट इन केरल

    ISBN :
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  • रॉक आर्ट इन कुमाऊं हिमालय

    ISBN :
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  • रॉक आर्ट इन द ओल्ड वर्ल्ड

    ISBN :

    (2001, xxxii+538pp., tables, maps, col. and b&w figs.)
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