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    ISBN : 978-81-246-0851-7
    Edited By :Kapila Vatsyayan , Distributors : Gyan Publishing House, Darya Ganj, New Delhi - 2

    (2016,pp., 218)
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  • द भक्तिरसमृतसिंधु ऑफ रूप गोस्वामिन

    ISBN : 81-208-1861-x
    Edited By :David L. Haberman

    (2003, lxxiv+670pp., gloss., bibl.)

    Bhakti or devotional love is the way of directly encountering the rasa in human )experience. The aesthetic experience of rasa which is available to human beings was somehow not fully manifested and established from the ‘intellectual’ point of view…Read More

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  • द कल्चर डाईमेंशन ऑफ ईकोलॉजी

    ISBN : 81-246-0102-x

    (1998 xvii+185pp. col. plates)

    Focussing on the ecological systems in the mountains, forests, and islands vis-a-vis the hitherto-adopted modes of aggressive development, the 15 articles here underscore the urgency of changing the modern lifestyles, of befriending Nature and, above all, of returning to wisdom tradition…Read More

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  • द कल्चर डाईमेंशन ऑफ एजूकेशन

    ISBN : 81-246-0101-1
    Edited By :Baidyanath Saraswati

    (1998 xxii+258pp. col. illus.)

    How can a sensibly worked-out system of education afford a symbiosis between modernity and wisdom tradition Addressing the vital question, the authors here look afresh at the relevance of art in the age of science/technocentrism, the role of education…Read More

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    ISBN : 13: 978-81-246-0811-1
    Edited By : P.S. NEGI LOKTUS

    (2015, VII + 409 pp., map, glossary, bib., index, plates: 20.10)
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  • द आईक्नोग्राफी ऑफ द बृहदेश्वर टेम्पल

    ISBN : 81-7305-220-4
    Edited By :LALIT M. GUJRAL

    (2002, viii+72pp., b&w illus.)

    In collaboration with École Française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO), Pondicherry, IGNCA launched a comprehensive project to investigate the multi-layered and multi­ dimensional personality of the Bṛhadīśvara Temple at Tañjāvur. This in-depth study of the…Read More

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  • द लाइफ एंड टाईम्स ऑफ ला मेरी- द क्वीन ऑफ एथनिक डांस

    ISBN : 81-7305-292-1
    Edited By :Monograph by: Usha Venkateswaran

    (2005, xv+113pp., appen.)

    Russel Meriwether Hughes, born in Louisville, Kentucky, on 13 May 1898, later came to be known as “LaMeri”, the dancer, poet, writer, ethnic dance teacher and choreographer of repute. She travelled three times around the world and each time she diligently studied authentic dance forms and made them part of her repertoire…Read More

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  • द लिंगराज टेंपल ऑफ भुवनेश्वरः आर्ट एंड कल्चर लेगसी

    ISBN : 978-81-7305-340-5
    Edited By :K. S. BEHARA

    (2008 xiv=190pp., 4 col. b/w, index, bibl., Figs. & Maps 18)

    Built in the eleventh century, the temple of Liṅgarāja in Bhubaneswar is acclaimed as one of the finest temples of India. With its construction the Orissan temple style reached its mature phase and set the model for later temples to follow…Read More

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  • द रिचुअल आर्ट ऑफ टेय्यम एंड भुत्राधने

    ISBN : 81-7013-149-9
    Edited By :SITA K. NAMBIAR

    (1996, xvi+128pp. col. and b&w illus., gloss, bibl., appen., index)

    This book on the ritual art of Teyyam and Bhūtārādhane as noticed among some ethnic groups of Kerala and Karnataka brings into focus metaphysical happenings in the life of the people and its reflection in folk tradition. Teyyam is enacted to gain redressal from the spirits…Read More

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  • वचनाचार्य श्री सुधाकलसा की द संगीतोपनिष्ट-सारोदधारह

    ISBN : 81-208-1548-3
    Edited By :ALLYN MINER

    (1998, lxvii+263pp)

    The Sudhākalaśa Saṅgītaratnākara is an important medieval text written in 1350 CE. It is attributed to a Jaina scholar, Vācanācārya Śrī Sudhākalaśa and represents a distinctive western Indian and Jaina stream of musicology…Read More

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