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  • द स्केल ऑफ इंडियन म्यूजिक – ए कोगनिटिव अप्रोच टू दैट/मेलाकरता

    ISBN : 81-7305-271-9
    Edited By :Prithwindra Mukherjee

    (2004, xi+438pp., appen., gloss., bibl.)

    This book is about a delicate and complex subject – a comparative study of the structure of rāgas (modal scales intimately connected with musical forms) in the north and south India, and the modes of classifying them.

    The thāṭs (parent scales) of Hindustānī music and seventy-two Carnatic melakartās have been carefully dealt with…Read More

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  • (द तंत्र ऑफ स्वयंभू विद्यापाठ )सदयोज्योति की व्याख्या सहित

    ISBN : 91-208-1125-9

    (1994, xxxviii+144pp)

    Complementary and co-eval with other fundamental texts has been the tradition of the Āgamas and some portions of the Purāṇas.as which deal not so much with construction of temples and the making of the images but with the worshipping of deities and the methodologies of enlivening,…Read More

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  • द थाउज़ैंड-आर्मड अवलोकितेश्वर

    ISBN : 81-7017-247-0
    Edited By :Lokesh Chandra

    (1988, 303 pp. bibl., plates)

    This publication is a fundamental work based on original Sanskrit, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Sogdian and Tibetan works, on the ongm of Avalokiteśvara. Several prevalent folk deities were assimilated into the iconographical form of Avalokite8vara. The worship of Avalokiteśvara was accompanied by a dhāraṇī (recited hymn). This work describes five versions of dhāraṇī…Read More

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  • द ट्रांसफॉर्मेशन ऑफ नेचर इन द आर्ट

    ISBN : 81-207-1643-4
    Edited By :Kapila Vatsyayan

    In the Present work of Coomaraswamy attempts to explain the theory behind medieval European and Asian art, especially art in India. He further supplements the Indian theorywith that of the Chinese. The first principle of his theories is that art does not exist for its own sake;…Read More

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  • थर्टी सांग्स फ्राम द पंजाब एंड कश्मीर

    ISBN : 81-207-16639

    (1994 xvi+177pp. int., notations, notes)

    The songs published here were recorded by Mrs. Alice Coomaraswamy, who used the Indian name Ratan Devi professionally, with introduction and translation by Ananda Coomaraswamy and a foreword by Rabindranath Tagore.

    Ratan Devi transcribed, with music and words, some of the songs -both classical and folk -she had learnt from her guru Ustad Abdul Rahim of Kapurthala…Read More

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  • अंडरस्टैंडिंग कुचीपुड़ी

    ISBN :
    Edited By :Guru C. R. Acharya and Mallika Sarabhai

    (1992, 212pp., line drawings, b&w illus., gloss., bibl., index)

    Kuchipuḍī’s codified language of gestures and the techniques of human movement are known to different regions of lndia. No one treatise can be considered as the base for the grammar of the dance style. Nevertheless, there is great relevance of the texts, such as the Nṛtta Ratnāvalī for Kuchipuḍī…Read More

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    ISBN : ISBN: 81-246-0038-4

    Sorry, currently this content is only available in English

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  • विद्यापती पदावली

    ISBN : 81-8-5120-50-1
    Edited By :Ananda K. Coomaraswamy and Arun Sen

    (1994, 360 pp)

    Vidyāpati Ṭhākur, one of the most renowned medieval Maithilī poets, composed the wreath of songs, the theme of which is the same as that of Gītagovinda the courtship of God and the soul, under the names of Rādhā and Kṛṣṇa. The story of love told in the poems is an allegorical representation of the yearning of the human soul for the Divine…Read More

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  • व्हाट इज सिविलाईजेशन

    ISBN : 019-562373-8

    (1989, xi+193 pp)

    The twenty essays constituting this volume raise fundamental questions, which are both piercing and incisive, in Coomaraswamy’s inimitable style. The first essay delves into Greek and Sanskrit roots of the word “civilization”, its meaning and context. In one unbroken sweep…Read More

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  • राइटिंग आईडेंटिटीज़ फोकलोर एंड परफॉर्मेटिव आर्ट्स ऑफ पुरुलिया, बंगाल

    ISBN : 978-81-7305-378-8

    (2009, xxii+125pp., biblo., index, appen.)

    This work attempts a historiographic exploration of Bengali folkloristics through some of the performative traditions of Purulia. Positioned outside the mainstream of Bengal’s culture and society, Purulia has traditionally been characterized as her “primitive” alter…Read More

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