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  • ग्लिम्प्सेस ऑफ अर्ली इंडो-इंडोनेशियन कल्चर – कलैक्टेड पेपर्स ऑफ हिंमाशु भूषण सरकार

    ISBN : 81-7305-182-8

    (2001, xlvi+314pp., bibl., index.)

    Indonesia has close cultural relations with India since the beginning of Christian era. Indian culture influenced Indonesia to a great extent in shaping its society, religion, customs, beliefs, art and architecture, specially during the pre-Islamic period…Read More

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    ISBN : 978-81-291-4024-1
    Edited By : ZAKIA ZAHEER & SYEDA SAIYIDAIN HAMEED , Distributor: Rupa Publications India (P) Ltd., New Delhi - 2.

    (2016, xiv+218ppÊ)
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  • गोविंददेवः ए डायलॉग इन स्टोन

    ISBN : 81-85503-03-6
    Edited By :MARGARET CASE

    (1996, xxi+305pp. line drawings, b&w illus.)

    This volume incorporates the papers presented at a conference held in 1991. The study brings into focus the multi­ faceted and multi-layered personality of Vraja through the great temple known as Govindadeva of the Mughal period. It presents a detailed study of Govindadeva’s design and iconography,…Read More

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  • हिंदूस्म एंड बुद्धिस्म

    ISBN : 81-7304-227-6
    Edited By :Keshavaram N. Iengar and Rama P. Coomaraswamy

    (1999, xxiii+87pp., notes, index)

    Book Review | Newsletter

    Originally published in 1943, the two essays are authoritative expositions of the teachings of these religions as understood by those who practised them rather than as understood by scholars and comparative religionists who studied and viewed them from without…Read More

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  • द आईक्नोग्रफी ऑफ अवलोकितेश्वर इन मेनलैंड साउथ ईस्ट एशिया

    ISBN : 81-7305-182-8-0
    Edited By :Nandana Chutiwongs

    (2001, xlvi+314pp., bibl., index.)

    This book contains a life-long study by the author on the concept and configuration of one of the best loved religious figures in Asia. It is based on the data extensively acquired from inscriptional and other archaeological evidences…Read More

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  • आक्नोग्राफी ऑफ द बुद्धिस्ट स्कल्पचर ऑफ उड़ीसा

    ISBN : 81-7017-375-2
    Edited By :Thomas Donaldson

    (2001, xxi+792pp., (2 vols. text & plates), figs., gloss, bibl., index)

    The present book on the iconography of the Buddhist sculptures of Orissa utilizes the author’s expertise of Orissan Brāmanical art to develop a similar consistent and reliable iconographic and stylistic evolution…Read More

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  • इलस्ट्रेटेड डिक्शनरी ऑफ वैदिक रिचुअल्स

    ISBN : 81-7305-309-X
    Edited By :H. C. RANADE

    (2006, XXXvi+348pp., Bibl., B/w Illus. 209)

    The present lexicon explains the meaning and significance of ritualistic terms frequently occurring in the Śrauta-Sūtras, together with a short description of the sacrificial rites connected or meant therewith. It is an outcome of the engagement of the author with Śrauta ritual for a very long time. He has not only a first-hand knowledge of the texts but also a practical acquaintance with the subject acquired through participating in such sacrifices…..Read More

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  • इन फ्लेवर ऑफ गोविंददेवजीः

    ISBN : 81-7304-315-9
    Edited By :Monika Horstmann

    (1999, xvi+374pp., Facsimilies; bibl., index)

    Śrī Govindadevajī, a family deity of Amber’s Kachavāhā dynasty, now dwells in Jaipur, along with his consort Rādhā. His first appearance, however, he made in Vṛndāvana where he came to reside in the great temple built for him by Rājā Mānsingh and consecrated in 1590…Read More

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  • Foreword

  • Preface

  • Introduction

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  • इन सर्च ऑफ एस्थेटिक्स फॉर द पपेट थिएटर

    ISBN : 81-207-1400-6
    Edited By :Michael Meschke

    (1992, 176pp., line drawings, b&w illus., appen.)

    Written by one of the most creative contemporary artistes of the Puppet Theatre, this book is concerned with aesthetics in the world of puppetry. The author has shown how the space and time in puppetry can be discussed at the same forum as cosmic space and different orders of time…Read More

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  • इन द कंपनी ऑफ गॉड्स – एसेज़ इन मेमरी ऑफ गुंथर-डाइट्ज़-सोनथेईमर

    ISBN : 81-7304-591-7

    (2005, 409pp.)

    When Gunther Sontheimer passed away at the early age of fifty-eight on 1June 1992, he had done a good thirty years of research and teaching on a variety of subjects including traditional Indian law and ethics, contemporary literature in Marathi, Hinduism and folk religion in Maharasthra…Read More

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