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  • इन द फुटस्टेप्स ऑफ जुआनजंगः टैन युन-शन एंड इंडि

    ISBN : 81-212-0630-8
    Edited By :Tan Chung

    (1999, xxviii+251pp)

    Gurudeva Rabindranath Tagore has become a “multi-national” in the sense that he has authored the National Anthem of two separate sovereign countries — India and Bangla Desh,…Read More

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  • इंडियन आर्ट एंड कानसरशिप एसेज़ इन ऑनर ऑफ डुग्लास बर्रेट्ट

    ISBN : 81-85822-14-x
    Edited By :John Guy

    (1995, 360pp., col. B&W ills.)

    A collection of twenty-five essays by international scholars written to celebrate the contribution to the study of Indian art of Douglas Barrett, former keeper of Indian art at the British Museum. The essays are organized in five sections: Part 1: Early India;…Read More

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  • इंडियन नैरेटोलॉजी

    ISBN : 81-207-2502-6
    Edited By :K. Ayyappa Paniker

    (2003, v+200 pp., appen., bibl., index)

    This book is an attempt to provide a bird’s eye-view of the efforts made by Indians in the past, to arrive at various strategies in the art of narration. Without going into elaborate details about each of these strategies, it tries to highlight the awareness with which Indian storytellers have established very clear demarcations…Read More

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  • इंडियन टेम्पल आर्कीटेक्चरः फार्म एंड ट्रांसफार्मेशन

    ISBN : 81-7017-312-4
    Edited By :Adam Hardy

    (1995, xix+614pp. maps, line drawings, b & w plates, appends, bibl, gloss., index)

    Transformation of forms of Indian temples takes place through a dual process – time as well as space. These two patterns of transformation, through time and (while representing time) in space, reflect one another closely. Both are processes of emergence, expansion and proliferation which simultaneously imply differentiation and fusion, growth from and dissolution into unity…Read More

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  • इटेग्रेशन ऑफ इनडोजीनियस कल्चर डाईमेंशन इनटू डवलपमेंट

    ISBN : 81-246-0089-9

    (1997 xx+251pp.)

    This volume takes the discourse on: from the complex issues of cultural identity to the worldwide human problems stemming from the development-planners unmindfulness of endogenous cultures. Carrying 17 presentations of a Unesco-sponsored workshop:Read More

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  • इंटरकल्चरल डायलॉग एंड द ह्यूमन इमेज

    ISBN : 81-246-0044-9
    Edited By :S. C. MALIK and PAT BONI

    (1995, xiv+229pp.)

    This work incorporates Prof. Maurice Friedman’s lectures, discussions and exchanges which took place in the Intercultural Dialogue at many levels. The integral dialogical approach of Friedman within the framework of the human image, coincides with the holistic visions of the ongoing work at the IGNCA.
    Book Review – Article Published in News Letter

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  • इंटरफेस ऑफ कल्चर आईडेंटिटी डवलपमेंट

    ISBN : 81-246-0054-6

    (1996 xxi+290pp)

    It is the inaugural volume of the Culture and Development series, comprising 23 presentations of a Unesco-sponsored meeting of experts: 19-23 April 1993 at IGNCA, New Delhi. Highlightng the basic distinctions that exist between anthropocentric…Read More

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  • इस्लामिक आर्ट एंड स्प्रिचुएलिटी

    ISBN : 090-38803-53
    Edited By :Seyyed Hossein Nasr

    (1990, x+213pp., col.& B&W illus. index)

    This is the first book in English to deal with the spiritual significance of Islamic art including not only the plastic arts but also literature and music. Relying upon his extensive knowledge of the Islamic religion in both its exoteric and esoteric dimensions as well as the various Islamic sciences,… Read More

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  • ईश्वरसंहिता

    ISBN : 978-81-208-3217-6
    Edited By :V. VARADACHARI

    (2009, 371 pp.)

    Vaiṣṇavism has given rise to two very important schools of ritual and philosophy – Vaikhanasa and Pāñcarātra.
    Īśvarasaṁhitā is an important text of the Pāñcarātra school of Vaiṣṇavism…Read More

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  • कालिकापुराण मूर्तिविनिर्देश

    ISBN : 81-208-1124-0

    (1994, xxxviii+144pp)

    Most of the Purāṇas contain sections devoted to the arts. In some they provide context while in others, they are akin to the texts of form and technique, specially śilpa, citra, nāṭya and nṛtya. A free narrative style of the Purāṇas facilitates an understanding of the śilpa (i.e. measurement, proportion and iconography)…Read More

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