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वास्तुकला और मूर्तिकला

  • स्टाइलिस्टिक ऑफ बुद्धिस्ट आर्ट इन इंडिया

    ISBN : 81-7305-243-3
    Edited By :Mireele Benisti

    (2003, xiv+346pp., 2 vols. (text & plates), 288 illus.)

    This book contains many landmarks in the history of Buddhist doctrine and art, presented on the basis of in-depth analysis of the styles and icons of stūpas…Read More

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  • बारक्यू इंडिया:द नियो-रोमन रिलिजस ऑर्कीटेक्चर ऑफ साउथ एशियाः ए ग्लोबल स्टाइलिस्टिक सर्वे

    ISBN : 81-7305-161-5
    Edited By :Stylistic Survey, Jose Pereira

    (2000, xix+497pp, line-drawings, b&w plates, bibl., index)

    Baroque India is the fruit of over forty years of research and is the work of one professionally trained in the history of Indian art (Hindu, Buddhist and Jain). In addition, he is the author of a survey of Islamic architecture worldwide, which includes, of course, the Indo-Islamic traditions…Read More

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  • इनसाइक्लोपीडिया ऑफ इंडियन टेम्पल ऑर्कीटेक्चर

    ISBN : 81-86526-00.5
    Edited By :M A Dhaky

    (1996, text & plates, xxix+596pp., line drawings, gloss., index, 1,674 b&w plates, ISBN 81-86526-00.5)

    Vol. I, Part 3: This part in two binds covers the full range of Indian temple architecture, surveys medieval temples and associated buildings in Upper Drāviḍadēśa,…Read More

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  • जैन टेम्पल्स ऑफ राजस्थान

    ISBN : 81-7017-348-5
    Edited By :Sehdev Kumar

    (2001, xiv+207pp., line ills., col. and b&w ills., gloss., indexes)

    The Jain temples at Dilwāṛā in Mount Ābu evoke a sense of awe for their sculptural artistry. Unnamed artists who had, for years, created exquisite pieces in ivory, now worked with marble, sculpting ceiling and domes, columns and walls, creating works of unparalleled beauty…Read More

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  • द टेंपल ऑफ मुक्तेश्वर एट कौडादानापुर

    ISBN : 81-7017-327-2
    Edited By :Vasundhara Filliozat and Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat

    (1995, xv+191pp. line drawings, col. and b&w plates, bibl., indexes)

    The northern part of Karnataka is one of the richest areas of lndia in monuments of great artistic value. It was subjected to the rule of several royal families, CāLukyas of Kalyāṇa, Kaḷacūris and Senas in the tenth to thirteenth centuries CE which has been a period of great cultural refinement…Read More

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  • आक्नोग्राफी ऑफ द बुद्धिस्ट स्कल्पचर ऑफ उड़ीसा

    ISBN : 81-7017-375-2
    Edited By :Thomas Donaldson

    (2001, xxi+792pp., (2 vols. text & plates), figs., gloss, bibl., index)

    The present book on the iconography of the Buddhist sculptures of Orissa utilizes the author’s expertise of Orissan Brāmanical art to develop a similar consistent and reliable iconographic and stylistic evolution…Read More

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  • इंडियन टेम्पल आर्कीटेक्चरः फार्म एंड ट्रांसफार्मेशन

    ISBN : 81-7017-312-4
    Edited By :Adam Hardy

    (1995, xix+614pp. maps, line drawings, b & w plates, appends, bibl, gloss., index)

    Transformation of forms of Indian temples takes place through a dual process – time as well as space. These two patterns of transformation, through time and (while representing time) in space, reflect one another closely. Both are processes of emergence, expansion and proliferation which simultaneously imply differentiation and fusion, growth from and dissolution into unity…Read More

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  • स्तूप एंड इट्स टेक्नॉलॉजीः ए तिबेटो-बुद्धिस्ट पर्स्पेक्टिव

    ISBN : 81-203-1301-4
    Edited By :Pema Dorjee

    (2001, xxxiv+189pp. plates, drawings, append, bibl., index.)

    Among all the religious monuments of the world, the stūpa has the longest uninterrupted historical development. Though modelled after the Indian prototype, the stūpa architecture was developed in all the countries where Buddhism had flourished. Over time, the structural shape of the stūpa underwent significant modifications in India and in other Asian Buddhist countries…Read More

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    ISBN : 13:978-81-246-0605-6
    Edited By :Vasundhara Filliozat and Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat

    (2003, xiv+346pp., 2 vols. (text & plates), 288 illus.)

    The Kālāmukha temples in Karnataka are associated with the Lakulaśaiva movement especially the beliefs and practices of the Kālāmukha Śaivites and the Jakkaṇācārī style of temple in Kamataka…Read More

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    THE INDIAN TEMPLE – mirror of the World

    ISBN : 978-81-7822-485-5
    Edited By :BRUNO DAGENS , Distributor : New Age Books, New Delhi-28

    (2016, xxi+306pp.,ind., Bib., Illus)
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