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Kalamulasastra Series

  • बृहददेशी ऑफ श्री मतंग मुनि

    ISBN : 81-208-1031-7

    (1992, Vol.I, xviii+193pp)

    The Bṛhaddeśī ascribed to Mataṅga Muni, and most probably belonging to the sixth century CE, is a landmark in Saṅgītaśāstra for more than one reason. It is the solitary text that forges a link between Nāṭyaśāstra and Dattilam Read More

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  • चतुर्दन्दी प्रकाशिका ऑफ वेंकटमाखिन

    ISBN : 81-208-1851-2

    (2006, xxv+472 pp)

    The Caturdaṇḍīprakāśikā (c. CE 1650) of Venkatamakhin is a fundamental treatise of Karnataka music and marks the rearguard in the renaissance of Indian music. It has launched a crucial, conceptual revolution which has metamorphosed this musical system into an enduring and attractive paddhatiRead More

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  • चित्रसूत्र ऑफ द विश्नुधर्मोत्तरापुराण

    ISBN : 81-208-1805-9

    (2001, xlv+293pp, line drawings, bibl., gloss.)

    The Citrasūtra belongs to the Viṣṇudharmottra Purāṇa, Kāṇḍa III, Chapters 35-43. The Purāṇas – Agni, Viṣṇu, Matsya and Mārkaṇḍeya – provide a necessary bridge between the ritual texts and the texts of the particular arts. The Purāṇas are neither a sub-stream of popular discourse as considered by some nor are they narratives of complex mythologies and legends manifesting flights of poetic imagination or shrouding social histories only. Read More

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  • कॉन्सेप्ट ऑफ स्पेस ऐन्शन्ट एंड मॉर्डन

    ISBN : 81-7017-252-7
    Edited By :KAPILA VATSYAYAN,Distributor: Abhinav Publications, New Delhi.

    (1991 xxiv+665 pp., line drawings, col and b&w illus.,)

    A seminar was held in New Delhi in November 1986 to explore the concepts of Space through diverse civilizations, ancient and modern disciplines – religion, art and architecture….Read More

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  • ईश्वरसंहिता

    ISBN : 978-81-208-3217-6
    Edited By :V. VARADACHARI

    (2009, 371 pp.)

    Vaiṣṇavism has given rise to two very important schools of ritual and philosophy – Vaikhanasa and Pāñcarātra.
    Īśvarasaṁhitā is an important text of the Pāñcarātra school of Vaiṣṇavism…Read More

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  • कालिकापुराण मूर्तिविनिर्देश

    ISBN : 81-208-1124-0

    (1994, xxxviii+144pp)

    Most of the Purāṇas contain sections devoted to the arts. In some they provide context while in others, they are akin to the texts of form and technique, specially śilpa, citra, nāṭya and nṛtya. A free narrative style of the Purāṇas facilitates an understanding of the śilpa (i.e. measurement, proportion and iconography)…Read More

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  • काणवश्टपथब्राह्मणम

    ISBN : 81-208-1126-7
    Edited By :C. R. Swaminathan

    (खंड, I, II, III, IV और V (खंड 10 तक))

    While the texts on a particular art or a group of related arts, provide details of the principles of form and delineate intricacies of techniques, the foundations of these lie in the articulation of a worldview in the Vedas,…Read More

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    Volume eBook Price
    1994, VOl. I (kanda one), xxiii+168., textual notes ISBN: 81-208-1126-7, Rs. 300 e-Book Rs. 300
    1997, vol. II (kandas two & three), xxv+297pp., textual notes, ISBN: 81-208-1127-5, Rs. 550 e-Book Rs. 550
    2000, Vol. III (kandas four & five), xxvii+414pp., textual notes, ISBN: 81-208-1549-1, Rs. 700 e-Book Rs. 700
    2001, Vol. IV (kandas six, seven & eight), ix+334pp., textual notes, ISBN 81-208-1150-5, Rs. 600 e-Book Rs. 600
    2005, Vol. V (kandas nine & ten) ix+225pp., Abb., ISBN 81-208-2047-9 (Vol. V) ISBN: 81-208-1128-3(set), Rs. 497 e-Book Rs. 497

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  • लाटयायन स्रोत–सूत्र खंड 3

    ISBN : 81-208-1565-3(set)
    Edited By :H.G.RANADE

    (1998 3 vols., xxi+1266 pp., bibl., indexes)

    The Śrauta Sūtras form a very important unit of the Sūtras literature which lays down in brief the quintessence of the Vedic texts, i.e. the Saṁhitās and the Brāhmaṇas strengthening further the sacrificial tradition in India.

    The Lāṭyāyana-Śrauta-Sūtra is dealing with the duties of the chanting priests, viz. the Udgātṛ, Prastotṛ, Pratihartṛ and Subrahmaṇya in the Śrauta ritual with special reference to the Soma sacrifice, belonging.Read More

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  • मंथनभैरवतंत्रम

    ISBN : 978-246-0498-3
    Edited By :Mark S.G. Dyszkowski

    (2009, clxxxv+4873pp., illus.,intro.,notes, biblio., & Indices)

    The Manthānabhairavatantram is about 24,000 verses long and is divided into three sections (khaṇḍas). The one edited and translated here is the Kumārikākhaṇḍa. Along with the Kubjikāmata, the Manthānabhairavatantra is the most important and extensive Tantra dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Kubjikā…Read More

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  • मात्रालक्षणम

    ISBN : 81-208-0585-5
    Edited By :WAYNE HOWARD

    (1988, xvi,+98 pp,musical notations, bibl)

    The publication of this volume has laid the foundation of the IGNCA’s programme of publishing fundamental texts of the Indian traditions in original with translations. The importance of this text is enhanced by the fact that it represents two very important śakhās (recensions) of the Sāmaveda – Rāṇāyanīya and Kauthuma-on chanting. Read More

    The contents of the Mātrālakṣaṇam are of fundamental importance because this is perhaps the first text to discuss the concept of a time-unit measure (mātrā). The importance of mātrā as measure with mathematical syllabic time value of vowels in their aspects of elongation, tempo, pitch and interval cannot be understood without taking into account sound as measure. In delineating the semantic relationship between syllable and letter, vowels and consonants, it lays the foundation of disciplines today recognized as phonetics, linguistics and prosody. Equally important is the discussion on sound and notes, in doing so it is a proto fore-runner of the “modal” system of lndian music.

    As an exacting system of oral articulation and recitation this text was used for recitation with hand gestures like ārcika. In relating the articulation of sound with body language, gesture, especially hands and fingers, the system of orally rendering a text according to its manuals, provides the basis of the emergence of a structure of artistic expression through the body (viz. āṅgikābhinaya). In more senses than one Vedic intonation is a precursor of both theory and practice (śāstra and prayoga) of the arts, in their original framework of interrelatedness.

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