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Kalasamalocana Series

  • सेलेक्टेड एसेज़ ऑफ जी शंकर पिल्लई

    ISBN : 81-244-1081-2

    (1997, xi+176pp., index)

    The collection of essays in this volume, grouped in three sections under the headings: General Perspectives, Traditions of Theatre, and Modern Idiom in Theatre, reveal the author’s complete mastery on the various aspects of Indian culture, particularly the theatre arts…Read More

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  • स्टाइलिस्टिक ऑफ बुद्धिस्ट आर्ट इन इंडिया

    ISBN : 81-7305-243-3
    Edited By :Mireele Benisti

    (2003, xiv+346pp., 2 vols. (text & plates), 288 illus.)

    This book contains many landmarks in the history of Buddhist doctrine and art, presented on the basis of in-depth analysis of the styles and icons of stūpas…Read More

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  • ए बिबलियोग्राफी ऑफ आनंद केन्तिश कुमारस्वामी

    ISBN : 81-7304-428-7
    Edited By :James S. Crouch

    (2002, 430pp.)

    The volume documents the remarkably productive career of one of the great minds of the twentieth century. This comprehensive and accurate bibliography is the result of more than twenty years of devoted research and scholarship. Its publication is an event of the first importance for all scholars of Indian art and religion…Read More

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  • ऐस्थेटिक्स एंड मोटीवेशन्स इन आर्ट एंड साइंस

    ISBN : 81-224-0746-3
    Edited By :KIRAN C. GUPTA

    (1996, xvi+183pp.)

    This volume is a collection of twelve papers invited for a National Seminar based on the seminal work, “Truth and Beauty; Aesthetics and Motivations in Science” by the Nobel Laureate S. Chandrasekhar. The contributions are by experts in arts, fine arts and science,…Read More

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  • बारक्यू इंडिया:द नियो-रोमन रिलिजस ऑर्कीटेक्चर ऑफ साउथ एशियाः ए ग्लोबल स्टाइलिस्टिक सर्वे

    ISBN : 81-7305-161-5
    Edited By :Stylistic Survey, Jose Pereira

    (2000, xix+497pp, line-drawings, b&w plates, bibl., index)

    Baroque India is the fruit of over forty years of research and is the work of one professionally trained in the history of Indian art (Hindu, Buddhist and Jain). In addition, he is the author of a survey of Islamic architecture worldwide, which includes, of course, the Indo-Islamic traditions…Read More

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  • बृहदेश्वर टेम्पल फॉर्म एंड मीनिंग

    ISBN : 978081-7305-388-7
    Edited By :R. Nagaswamy

    (2010, xxvi+280pp.+xxvi, halftone illus. 284, bibl., figs. & maps 13, index)

    The great temple at Tañjāvur is a visual representation of cosmic power on earth that remains, according to the pious wish of the builder, so long as the sun and moon lasts. The God who inhabits this abode is said to be seated with his consort on the summit of the metaphysical…Read More

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  • डीर इन रॉक आर्ट ऑफ इंडिया एंड यूरोप

    ISBN :

    (1993, xvi+150pp. tables, line - drawings., col. and b & w illus.)
    Read More
  • इनसाइक्लोपीडिया ऑफ इंडियन टेम्पल ऑर्कीटेक्चर

    ISBN : 81-86526-00.5
    Edited By :M A Dhaky

    (1996, text & plates, xxix+596pp., line drawings, gloss., index, 1,674 b&w plates, ISBN 81-86526-00.5)

    Vol. I, Part 3: This part in two binds covers the full range of Indian temple architecture, surveys medieval temples and associated buildings in Upper Drāviḍadēśa,…Read More

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  • एसेज़ ऑन जैन आर्ट

    ISBN : 81-7304-534-8
    Edited By :RICHARD J. COHEN

    (2003, 110pp)

    This volume deals with Coomaraswamy’s contribution to the study of Jaina art.

    His writings on Jaina art span the entire period of his active working life as an art historian. He published his first article on the subject in 1914 and ended with a book review in 1943, four years before his death…Read More

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  • (English) ESSAYS ON MUSIC

    ISBN : 81-7304-611-5

    (2010, 153, Preface, Introduction)

    Sorry, currently this content is only available in English

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