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Glimpses of India-China Rock Art


Rock art is a vital archaeological source to study and analyze the cognitive evolution of the human intellect across the world and is believed to be the first creative act of humankind, when there was no organized life and no political boundaries. It is primarily a tangible reflection of an intangible cultural heritage and reflects the ancient human psyche. In order to contemplate on these concepts in depth, it is necessary to identify the earliest reflections of the human mind within its cultural and behavioral context.

The collaborative venture between India and China in the field of rock art studies has opened new horizons for cultural cooperation between the two nations. Comprehensive studies in this field will help in opening up and revealing the antiquity of both the countries in time and space.

The present volume is an outcome of the research and display materials of the exhibition on ‘Rock Art of India’ held at The World of Rock Art Museum, Yinchuan, China in 2014-15 and ‘India-China Rock Art Exhibition-cum-Workshop’ held at IGNCA, New Delhi in 2016. It covers the rock art of India and China in two sections primarily focusing on the research, discovery, documentation and protection of rock art in both India and China. Both these nations are fortunate enough in possessing one of the largest concentrations of this precious and earliest world heritage. Rock art of both these countries possess a large body of evidence for human artistic, cognitive and cultural beginnings and its importance lies mainly in its archaeological and ethnological contexts.

The present beautifully illustrated volume aims to boost and promote rock art research both in India and China. It will not only interest scholars and students but also the people at large. It is also an important step in the journey of exploring together, the source of creative energies and modes of expression of our ancestors. It will certainly contribute to rectify and enhance our vision of rock art.  Read Introduction

ISBN : 978-93-8093-562-1
Edited By : Bansi Lal Malla

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