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Please visit Svasti Sankul (Cafeteria, Art Gallery) at IGNCA Campus, Janpath, New Delhi.

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IGNCA has won National Film Award for Best Art and Culture Film, In The Shadow of Time at 64th National Film Awards. Member Secretary, IGNCA, Dr. Sachchidanand Joshi, received the award from Hon'ble President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee.

LIBRARY - Printed Books. Reprography Unit of Unpublished Manuscripts. Cultural Archives. Visual Documentation
RESEARCH AND PUBLICATION DIVISION - Programme of the Multi-Volume Thesaurus of Fundamental Terms of Indian Civilization: Kalatattvakosa. Programme of Research and Publication of Primary Texts relating to Art and Culture: Kalamulasastra. Programme of Critical Writing and Publication: Kalasamalocana. Publication of Critical Writing on Cultural Heritage with particular referene to Asia.
DIVISION FOR THE STUDY OF DIVERSE LIVING TRADITIONS - Study of Regional Distinctiveness: Ksetra Sampada. Study of pre-historic Rock Art and Folk / Traditionsl Music: Adi Drysa & Adi Sravya.
DIVISION FOR EXHIBITION AND PRESENTATION - Critical Discourse on the Arts, Culture and International Dialogue. This division presents exhibitions, and events as also holds interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary seminars and conferences.
DIVISION FOR ADMINISTRATION AND COORDINATION - The sutra has an ancient history of denoting the continuous string which bounds together space, time as also denotes the central vision permeating the academic work of the four Divisions. Graphically represented by four intertwining Svastikas, is the logo of the Institution.
MULTIMEDIA RESEARCH CENTRE - Interactive Multimedia Documentation of Cultural Reseources.
MEDIA CENTRE - Audio Visual documentation and preservation of all aspects of Indian Culture.
ROCK ART UNIT - Documentation, Research, Dissemination and Conservation
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