Art and human life are inseparable. Indian thought currents, values and ethics have always had reverence for all that existed in nature, so much so that it evolved a concept that all that is alive, from plants to animal and human species, belong to a single family (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam).They have all originated from a common source and are interdependent. The same worldview has found its reflection in Indian art, both in vernacular and classical traditions.

Rock art, being the earliest expression of human aesthetic desire and is an important cultural marker having multifaceted dimensions, together with its allied subjects. It is an intricate and complex domain covering material and cognitive aspects of culture. A multidisciplinary approach is being advocated to decode and understand it in all its dimensions. To study the prehistory of the North-East in this context becomes equally important.

The objective of the present volume is to delve deep into the recent prehistoric and historic investigations carried out by various eminent scholars in this region. In fact, it is an explanatory attempt to broadly trace the origin and antiquity of prehistory and rock art of North-East India. The present volume is divided into two sections. First section gives an account of the cultural dimensions of ecology and rock art of the North-Eastern states; second section has dealt with the cultural context and rock art of the rest of India.

The papers included in the volume highlight the immense potential that rock art possesses in unraveling the mysteries of the past. The data and the interpretations put forward by various scholars are comprehensive and analytical. Most of their views are appropriate and hold good promise in terms of recent trends in rock art research. This illustrated volume aims to boost and promote the importance of the rock art research, particularly in North-East India. Read Introduction

ISBN : 978-81-7305-582-9
Edited By : Bansi Lal Malla & Dwipen Bezbaruah (2017, xvi+158, Size 22 cm x 28cm)

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Edited By :Bansi Lal Malla & Dwipen Bezbaruah

2017, xvi+158, Size 22 cm x 28cm

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