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The vast corpus of rock art that occurs in most of the countries of the world serves as an almost universal expression and communication of human thought since the dawn of humanity. It is one of our greatest surviving art treasures. The intrinsic efficacy of rock art lies in its universality of appeal and to endure and sustain in a manner in which all can discern it. Unit recent past, the content of rock art has been much commented on as an indicator of the stage of development of the makers of the rock art. But now, for quite some time, the attempts are being made by many scholars to explore the possibility of the proximity of the rock art with the art of many living communities of the world, such as the indigenous people, the aboriginals, the tribals and the nomads.

The volume is the outcome of the Global Rock Art Conference held under the auspices of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi. The comprises valuable contributions from several scholars from all over the world such as Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, USA and India. The interest of this publication lies not only in the greatest number of subjects treated but in the diversity of approaches. Almost all stages of research are represented. The major interlocking and overlapping themes have been grouped under the following eight sections: (1) Understanding rock art in a universal frame; (2) Country reports from China, India, Jordan and Saudi Arabia; (3) Cross-cultural comparison; (4) Environment, management, conservation and documentation; (5) Classification, chronology and standardization; (6) Consideration of context; (7) Form , content and interpretation including language of symbols, religious themes and musical subjects; and (8) Artificial intelligence and rock art research.

The present illustrated volume will not only interest the scholars but also the public at large. It will certainly contribute to rectify our vision of rock art. It is also an important step in the journey of exploring together, globally, the source of creative energies and modes of expressions of our ancestors.

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Edited By : Bansi Lal Malla(Ed.), V.H. Sonawane (2012.ppx+266)

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Edited By :Bansi Lal Malla and V. H. Sonawane

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