Rock Art Of Andhra Pradesh: A New Synthesis

The present volume embodies comprehensive documentation, classification and analysis of the rock art of Andhra Pradesh, which is one of the important regional rock art zones of peninsular India. The rock art data is analyzed from the thematic and stylistic. perspective taking note of the features such as colour schemes, superimpositions and state of preservation of the pictographs and petroglyphs. The entire corpus of rock art is classified, both at the intra-site and inter-site levels and tentatively dated to Mesolithic, Neolithic, Megalithic and Historical periods. This is done on the basis of the internal analysis of the rock circumstantial archaeological data either from excavations or surface context. This work is an outcome of a multidisciplinary research carried out in collaboration with the Indira Gandhi National centre for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi as part of its National project, Adi Drishya. A multi-disciplinary team comprising of specialists from Archaeology, Folklore, Geology and Botany conducted through a field based study of all the known rock art sites in Andhra Pradesh. The book is richly illustrated with colour photographs of rock paintings, digital maps, line drawings and locational maps of the rock art sites.

ISBN : 978-81-7305-448-8
Edited By : N.Chandramouli, General Editor Bansi Lal Malla (2013,pp.xx+216)

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Edited By :N.Chandramouli, General Editor Bansi Lal Malla

2013, pp.xx+216

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