Rock Art

A representation selection was chosen for this volume with a view to include the significant evidences from all the countries of both the Old World as also the New World. The evidences of rock art from India have been dealt with more detail in this work.The country has been divided into five separate regions with their map shown for ready appreciation. Living art traditions from three different communities from India have also been added to demonstrate the continuing effort of mankind to seek a ‘relief’ from anxieties through his /belief or constructing a world of belief.

The themes chosen for rock art have been investigated by various authors in order to deduce some form of interpretation of these depictions. Animal figures or their hunting scenes can be easily tied to the anxiety of subsistence and possibly articulating this in the manner of sympathetic magic. The occurrence of numerous signs and symbols, however, indicate a very complex symbolic world that dominates the mind set of man and gave rise to rituals around these symbols. Studying rock art is, therefore, like studying the mind of past men which otherwise would always remain shrouded in the dark area of ignorance.

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Edited By :S.S.Biswas


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