One Year Part-time Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies (PGDBS) 2017-18 COURSE OUTLINES

Name of the Course/Paper Course/Paper Outline *
1) An Introduction Outline of Buddhism
  • Pre-Buddhist Indian Culture
  • Life and Important Events of the Buddha
  • Formation of the Buddhist Sangha
  • Buddhist Patrons
  • Buddhist Councils
  • Dissemination of Buddhism
  • Buddhist Sects
  • Buddhist Literature
2) Buddhist Philosophy and Buddhist Psychology
  • Dharmacakrapravartana Sutra (Turning the Wheel of Dharma)
  • Rice Seedling Sutra–  Śalistambasūtra(Twelve links Dependent  Origination)
  • Selected Portions from the text MlamadhyamakaKārikā
  • Selected Portions from the Pali text MilindaPañho
  • Basic Introduction to Buddhist Psychology and Meditation Practices.
1) Buddhist Art and Architecture
  • Buddhist Symbolism
  • Buddhist Schools of Art
  • Buddhist Images and Sculptures
2) Buddhist Archaeological Heritage sites
  • Eight important Buddhist Pilgrimage sites in the foot-steps of the Buddha.
  • Contribution of Emperor Asoka in Promotion and Preservation of the Dhamma.
  • Other important Buddhist sites in India.
  • Sites connected with the Buddha Relics and its Importance.
3) Relevance of Buddhism in Contemporary World
  • Engaged Buddhism
  • Buddhism and Education
  • Buddhism and Economics
  • Buddhism and Science
  • Buddhism and Environment
  • Buddhism and Well-being

Note: There will be a study tour to the Buddhist Heritage Sites