Post Graduate Diploma in Cultural Informatics (PGDCI)
Approved by AICTE

Cultural Informatics is an emerging field of study combining the Arts, with all its diverse dimensions and Information Technology. The main objective of the Cultural Informatics is to design and develop the content exploration systems to intensify cultural learning and visualisation. It employs the research, modern (digital) tools, techniques and methodology for the same. It integrates the millennia-old (traditional) systems of knowledge with a vibrant present (especially living traditions) in a multilayered computer generated multimedia. It establishes synergies between the disciplines of art and information technology, to demonstrate the manner in which cultural heritage can be recreated virtually and presented in its totality. It is pertinent to mention here that the Computer Science by nature reduces the content in smaller segments and culture by nature integrates them. Since multimedia is a powerful tool for linking digital materials, it is the most appropriate medium to reflect relationships both inter and multi disciplinary. Courses on Cultural Informatics will not only minimize the gap between the theory and practical aspects of the arts, but also understanding of the arts in the overall framework of Culture, as an ingredient of human development. Through selected projects at IGNCA an attempt has been made to make our ancient knowledge and achievements accessible on a multimedia platform and thus establishing communication between the ancient and the modern world.