Post Graduate Diploma In South-East (Agneya) Asian Studies (PGDSEAS)

Semester – I
  1. Outline of South East Asia
    Geography, Sources of study, Austro-Asiatic civilization, Ethnological outlines, Pre- History, causes and theories on Indianization, Points of departure, Sea and land routes.
  2. Political History of South East Asia (from early period to 1500 A.D.)
    Kingdom of Funan, Chen-la, Angkor, Champa, Dwarawati, Sukhothai, Pagan, Sailendra and Sri-Vijay.
  3.  Religions in South East Asia
    Saivism, Vaisnavism, Vedic traditions, Theravada, Mahayana Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam
  4. Language and Literature in South East Asia
    A linguistic Introduction, Sanskrit words in South East Asia,  Indian Literature of  Cambodia, Indo-Javanese Literature, Ramayana and Mahabharata in South East Asia,  Oral Literary traditions in Indonesia.
Semester – II
  1. Cultural Synergy
    Dongson Culture, Ancestral worship, Devaraj Cult,  Saiva siddhant in Indonesia.  Festivals, Tattoos, rites and rituals.
  2. Art and Architecture in South East Asia
    Dvaravati art, Sukhothai art,  Pagan art,  Khmer art, Indo-Javanese art, Architectural patterns of the Borobudur stupa, Prambanan temple , Mison temple,  Angkor Wat, and  Dieng temple.
  3.  Society and Economy in South East Asia.
    Social set up, Kinship, Kingship, Dress, Ornaments, textiles, Musical instruments, Cultivation, irrigation system,  Food and drinks
  4. Classical Visual and Performing Arts in South East Asia
    Sculptures, Mural  paintigs, Wayangkulitpurwa, Javanese dance, drama,  Karnas  of  Prambanan. Mask performances