Photo Unit

The Photography Unit consists of Sr. Photography Officer and Two Senior Photo Assistants  together undertake photo-documentation of various Objects of Cultural Archives, Preparing Preservation copies and Copy Negatives of Photo collections, Regular activities of IGNCA, such as Seminars, Lectures, Workshops, Visit’s of  Dignitaries, Documentation of  Exhibitions as and when required also Preparation of Slides for various Divisions for publication purposes and for Lecture Series by Scholars.

The major projects so far undertaken are  various collection’s preservation negatives were prepared from Raja Deen Dayal, Prof.Yashodar Mathpal’s rock art paintings, Ananda Coomaraswamy collection, Elizabeth and Sass Brunner collection to name a few.

Leela Exhibition artifacts digital documentation. Undertaken the mass duplication of Slides from Slide Unit of Kalanidhi.

In-house, prepared large scale prints for various exhibitions and display of the prints at the site. Preparation of Archival Quality prints for other divisions of  their photo exhibitions. Organized photo exhibitions on the eve of “World Photography Day” and “World Audio Visual Day”.

Updating of social media with Photos of various programmes, conducting Photography workshops for school children under Balajagat programme and to college students of various courses related Art and Culture.