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How to purchase IGNCA publications

matiGhar The IGNCA manifests its academic, research work in its publications, international and national seminars, conferences, exhibitions, lecture series, audiovisual documentation and interactive multimedia simulation. IGNCA published books are mainly distributed by the co-publishers. An arrangement has been made at the IGNCA, under the supervision of Editor, IGNCA to make all our publications accessible centrally to help our readers and scholars.

IGNCA publications:

The buyer can select the IGNCA publications (books / DVDs / Multimedia CDs/DVDs etc.) from the above mentioned lists and details of the same with the payment (as per the details given in the payment mode) can be sent to Dr. Advaitavadini Kaul on the address mentioned below.

Payment mode:

International Customer can make the payment through Bank Transfer. Electronic transfer of money may be sent as per the details below:

Canara Bank
F-19, Connaught Circus,
New Delhi – 110 001, India
SB A/c No. 8365 of IGNCA.
Customers from India may send payment by Demand Draft in favour of IGNCA, payable at New Delhi.

Contact person: For IGNCA publications please contact or write to:
Dr. Advaitavadini Kaul
Chief Editor,
Kalakosha Division,
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts,
11 Mansingh Road,
New Delhi – 110 001, INDIA
Telephone: 91-11-2338 8438

IGNCA Publications are available at `Svasti’ – The IGNCA shop run by HHEC at C.V. Mess, Janpath

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