SL. DVD Acc. No Accession No Contents Duration Date Of Telecast Epi. Remarks
Dr. L.M. Singhvi-IGNCA Perspective 58’45" 29-Jan-02 1 IG-2K/BCT-60/001
Heritage of Manuscripts-An Overview
By Pt. V.P. Mishra
this film documents the manifold rituals of selecting
woods for making the icon of Lord Jaganath of Puri,
This celebration occurs once in nineteen year
Compere- Ms. Shashi Mehta
2 DVD-79 DVCAM-64/002 Vishista-Buddha Charita-The legendary manuscripts 55’20" 31-Jan-02 2 IG-2K/BCT-60/002
Dr. Radha Banerjee
Samvad-Buddhist Art-Prof. Lokesh Chandra & Dr. Bachchan
Documentary- Hemis- Festival of Ladhak, which covers
many hidden dynamics of Buddhist Belief system,
hemmed with rituals.
Compere-Ms. Shashi Mehta
3 DVD-80 DVCAM-64/003 Vishista-Yajurveda-Dr. N.D. Sharma 53’30" 5-Feb-02 3 IG-2K/BCT-60/003
Samvad-Comparative Understanding of Marriage
rituals since Yajurveda days. A dialogue between Prof.
Sashi Kumar and Pt. V.P. Misra
Documentary-Wangala-A Garo festival of Meghalaya
Garo people whose lineage goes back to the Tibet
remain a vibrant symbol of northeast India. Wangala is
the festival of Garo people for them its time for
celebrations, time to rejoice; time for choosing the
Bride etc. The film never limits its documentation with
the festivity rather approaches the life and time.
Compere-Ms. Shashi Mehta
4 DVD-81 DVCAM-64/004 Vishista-Gita Kalpa Manuscripts-Pt. V.P. Mishra 59’35" 7-Feb-02 4 IG-2K/BCT-60/004
Samvad-Cave Art of India-Dr. M.N. Deshpandey and
Dr. Radha Banerjee.
Documentary-Murals of Kerala-This film brings out the
hidden aesthetics of temple of Kerala, which are lesser-
known heritage of India. Even the great Ravi Varma got
inspiration from these Murals.
Compere-Ms. Shashi Mehta.
5 DVD-82 DVCAM-64/005 Vishista-Jwar Timeer Bhaskar-A Manuscript, which 52’25" 12-Feb-02 5 IG-2K/BCT-60/005
details the various types of fevers from the perspective
of Ayurveda Dr. Dilip Kumar rana.
Samvad- Understanding the body with The Perspective
of five elements Dr. Ashok Kumar Verma and Dr. Kirti Kant
Documentary-Folk Games of Tulunadu-This film highlights
lesser-known games of Southern Karnataka, which has
great social values as well.
Compere-Ms. Shashi Mehta.
6 DVD-83 DVCAM-64/006 Vishista-Gayatri-Dr. Ajay Misra 57’15" 14-Feb 6 IG-2K/BCT-60/006
Samvad-Gayatri Kalpa- Dr. Prakash Pandey and
Dr. N.D. Sharma.
Documentary-Thang-ta-Martial art of Manipur, which is a
forgotten chapter of our history. The film traces how even
in the days of British Gurus silently carried the tradition of
self-defense. The film highlights the various nuances of
this art with a touch of ritual and even tried to like with
the belief system of this and the other world.
Compere-Ms. Shashi Mehta.
7 DVD-84 DVCAM-64/007 Vishista-Vastu-Vidya Dr. Kirti Kant Sharma 57’15" 19-Feb-02 7 IG-2k/BCT-60/007
Samvad-Temple Architecture and the dimensions of Vastu
Shastra Dr. M.A. Dhakey and Shri Rajesh singh.
Documentary-Lai Haroba-is derived from the words Lai
Hao Loba. Shouting of Hai by the Lai or deity in happiness.
This festival of Creation is occasioned in the month of
April-May and lasts for some 13 days. This film covers the
ritual, the dance forms and enactment are in a way
recreate the myth of creation of the Universe-Heaven,
Earth and life in alien all its manifestations as expressed
in flora, fauna and human activities.
Compere-Ms. Shashi Mehta.
8 DVD-85 DVCAM-64/008 Vishista-Woman and her manifestation by Smt. Sonal 52’10" 21-Feb-02 8 IG-2K/BCT-60/008
Samvad-Understanding the Mysticism of Woman
Dr. Chandan Mitra and Smt. Sonal Mansingh.
Documentary-Mahakumba-(I)-The film traces the unique
festival occurs every twelve years documented with the
perspective of ‘In Search of the Nectar’.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
9 DVD-86 DVCAM-64/009 Samvad-Ramayana Tradition-the North-South Perspective 59’38" 26-Feb-02 9 IG-2k/BCT-60/009
Dr. Veezhi nathan, Shri Jaya Kant Sharma Smt. Sonal
In Search of the Nectar is the essence of this film document-
ation which records the mind sets of people who go for the
holy bath.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
10 DVD-87 DVCAM-64/10 Vishista-Conservation of Books/Mss–A.P. Gakhar. 58’00" 28-Feb-02 10 IG-2K/BCT-60/010
Samvad-Jain Textual Tradition–Shri Vipul Shah and
Smt. Sonal Mansingh.
Documentary-Kathakali-(I)-This is a ten episode documentation
of Kathakali highlights serveral prospective of this dancing
tradition encompassing the belief system, art and ritual
apart from theatrics.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
11 DVD-88 DVCAM-64/011 Samvad- A rare glimpses of Pt. Ravi Shankar By Smt. Sonal 59’22" 5-Mar-02 11 IG-2K/BCT-60/11`
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
12 DVD-89 DVCAM-64/012 Vishista-Razm-e-Nama.
Samvad-Indian Theme in Persian literature Prof. S.H. Qashmi 54’43" 7-Mar-02 12 IG-2K/BCT-60/12
and Smt. Sonal Mansingh.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
13 DVD-90 DVCAM-64/013 Vishista-Kalighat Patuas-The singing tradition.
Samvad-The Heritage of Kalighat Painting Prof. Jyotindra 49’10" 12-Mar-02 13 IG-2K/BCT-60/13
Jain and Smt. Sonal Mansingh.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
14 DVD-91 DVCAM-64/014 Vishista-Gita Govinda-an enactment.
Samvad-Many facets of Gita Govinda 49’10" 14-Mar-02 14 IG-2K/BCT-60/14
Dr. Sudha Gopalakrishnan and Smt. Sonal Mansingh.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
15 DVD-92 DVCAM-64/015 Vishista-Rock Art-Bhimbetka
Drawings of Prof. Yashodhar Matpal. 49’10" 19-Mar-02 15 IG-2K/BCT-60/15
Samvad-Indian Rock Art Heritage
Prof-Yashodhar Matpal and Smt. Sonal Mansingh
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
16 DVD-93 DVCAM-64/016 Vishista-Warli Paintings
Samvad-Tribal Arts-an Understanding Dr. A.K. Das 49’10 21-Mar-02 16 IG-2K/BCT-60/16
and Smt. Sonal Mansingh.
Documentary- Kathakali-(VII)
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
17 DVD-94 DVCAM-64/017 Vishista-Shringar-Cosmetic Heritage
Samvad-Kesh Shringar-Veena Shroff and Smt.Sonal Mansingh 49’10" 26-Mar-02 17 IG-2K/BCT-60/17
Documentary-Mirasans of Punjab-(I)-This film traces one of
the unique traditions of Punjab where Muslim women
participate in Hindu Rituals of life cycle celebrations but also
counted as an authority of the subject. The film shows the
harmonious aspects of two religions which has long history
and today Mirasanas are fading out from the social milieu.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
18 DVD-95 DVCAM-64/018 Samvad-Manasarovar in vedic texts Shri C.V. Gopinath and 49’10" 28-Mar-02 18 IG-2K/BCT-60/18
Smt. Sonal Mansingh.
Documentary-Mirasans of Punjab Part (II)
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
19 DVD-96 DVCAM-64/019 Vishista-Kashmiri Temple Architecture (Slides)
Samvad-Kashmir a land of Heritage-Dr. Shashi Shekhar 49’10" 12-Apr-02 19 IG-2K/BCT-60/19
Toshkhani, Prof. Chaman Lal Sapru and Smt. Sonal Mansingh
revolves around the theme of male artists performing the
female role. The Guru-Shishya tradition through different
akhadas is shown here.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
20 DVD-97 DVCAM-64/020 Samvad-Smt. Sumati Mutatkar by Shanoo Khurana (Part-I)
Vishista-Les Hindus-Musical Instruments 54’50" 4-Apr-02 20 IG-2K/BCT-60/20
Documentary-Ek thee Gulab (I)
Padma Shree Gulab Bai, an exponent of Nautanki, remains
one of the legendary figure of this folk theatre tradition of
North India. The film captures a rare interview of Gulab Bai
when she was very sick at the conjunction of her life and
beyond. The film allows a nostalgic time when Gulab Bai was
a sensation in the Nautanki folk theatre.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
21 DVD-98 DVCAM-64/021 Vishista-Shakti Shrine of Kemmannul
Samvad-Smt. Sumati Mutatkar by Shanoo Khurana (Part-II) 59’30" 9-Apr-02 21 IG-2K/BCT-60/21
Documentary-Ek thee Gulab (II)
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
22 DVD-99 DVCAM-64/022 Vishista-Thousand Piller Basadi of Muda biduri (Karnataka)
Samvad-Smt. Sumati Mutatkar by Shanoo Khurana (Part-III) 49’33" 11-Apr-02 22 IG-2K/BCT-60/22
Documentary-Mahamastikabhishakam of
Bahubali at Karkala. This film is an in house documentation.
the film shown the traditional yet colourful rare event of
bathing of Bahubal of Karkala. Th film highlights and records
the great event, which takes place one in 12 years.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
23 DVD-100 DVCAM-64/023 Vishista-Varanga the Jain heritage site (Karnataka)
Samvad-Smt. Sumati Mutatkar by Shanoo Khurana (Part-IV) 44’31" 16-Apr-02 23 IG-2K/BCT-60/23
Documentary-Folklore Museum of Mysore
(Karnataka)-I. This film highlights the traditional society
and portrays a comparative perspective from the artifacts
available in this folklore museum and showcase the colour of
life in the context of cultural continuum.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
24 DVD-101 DVCAM-64/024 Vishista-Jain Shrine of Venur (Karnataka)
Samvad-Smt. Sumati Mutatkar by Shanoo Khurana (V) 54’38" 18-Apr-02 24 IG-2K/BCT-60/24
Documentary-Folklore Museum of Mysore(Karnataka)-II
Compere-Shri abhinav Chaturvedi
25 DVD-102 DVCAM-64/025 Samvad-Chua Soo Pong of Singapoor Ramayana
Troupe and Smt. Sonal Mansingh (Part-II) 54’38" 23-Apr-02 25 IG-2K/BCT-60/25
Documentary-Singapore Ramayana-Stage performance,Part-I
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
26 DVD-103 DVCAM-64/026 Samvad-Chua Soo Pong of Signapoor Ramayana
Troupe and Smt. Sonal Mansingh (Part-II) 54’50" 25-Apr-02 26 IG-2K/BCT-60/26
Documentary-Singapore Ramayana-Stage performance Part-II
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
27 DVD-104 DVCAM-64/027 Samvad-Statements of Sombati Kaewsujait of thailand
Ramayana Troupe 58’24" 30-Apr-02 27 IG-2K/BCT-60/27
Documentary-Thailand Ramayana-Stage performance
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
28 DVD-105 DVCAM-64/028 Samvad-Interview of Samudra of Indonesian Ramayana
Troupe with Shri Prakash 60’72" 30-Apr-02 28 IG-2K/BCT-60/28
Documentary-Indonesian Ramayana-Stage performance
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
29 DVD-106 DVCAM-64/029 Samvad-Interview of Uzaw Htay of Myanmar Ramayana
Troupe with Shri Shiva Prakash 59’10" 7-May-02 29 IG-2K/BCT-60/29
Documentary-Myanmar Ramayana-Stage performance
Compere-Smt. Abhinav Chaturvedi
30 DVD-107 DVCAM-64/030 Samvad-Interview with Prieng Chhieng of combodian
Ramayana Troupe By Shri shiva Prakash 57’03" 9-May-02 30 IG-2K/BCT-60/30
Documentary-Combodian Ramayana-Stage performance
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
31 DVD-108 DVCAM-64/031 Samvad-Ustad Fahimuddin Khan Dagar different nuances of
Dhrupad Gayiki in his performance based interview 57’03" 14-May-02 31 IG-2K/BCT-60/31
Documentary-Teyyam-(I) Teyyam is an unique series of
Documentaries which showcases different dynamics of this
dance tradition of Kerala. The tradition of Teyyam the
preparation of body, the guru shishya parampara to the
level of enactments are covered in this series.
Compere-Shri Abhinav chaturvedi
32 DVD-109 DVCAM-64/032 Vishista-Asgari Begum-Padmashree ASGARI Begum, remains
the first woman of her times to excel in the Dhrupad the 54’32" 16-May-02 32 IG-2K/BCT-60/32
ancient Indian musical heritage. The film starts with alap
then touches upon her various nostalgic punctuations.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
33 DVD-110 DVCAM-64/033 Vishista-Santokhba Dudhat-The octogenarian Santokba who 46’29" 21-May-02 33 IG-2K/BCT-60/33
created 1200 meters of Mahabharata scroll is depicted here.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
34 DVD-111 DVCAM-64/034 Vishista-Man and Mask-This film showcase the research work
of IGNCA on the score of Masks. It covers the various 46’45" 23-May-02 34 IG-2K/BCT-60/34
perspective of Masks from the Standpoint of IGNCA Collections
and draws a panoramic view of Masks worldwide
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
35 DVD-112 DVCAM-64/035 Vishista-Bhutan, Japan Mask dance IGNCA has organized
international Mask Festival which aslo showcased Mask dance 44’00" 28-May-02 35 IG-2K/BCT-60/35
tradition of different countries. Thus here few performances
are shown.
Campere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
36 DVD-113 DVCAM-64/036 Vishista-Indonesia & Zimbabwe mask dances are shown as
series continues. 47’50" 30-May-02 36 IG-2K/BCT-60/36
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
37 DVD-114 DVCAM-64/037 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-With this a new series on National
Museum Heritage was initiated. 53’26" 4-Jun-02 37 IG-2K/BCT-60/37
Harappan Gallery was the first episode.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
38 DVD-115 DVCAM-64/038 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-Archeology Sculpture of Mauryan to
Ikshavaku period. 3rd Century B.C to 3rd Century A.D 53’00" 6-Jun-02 38 IG-2K/BCT-60/38
39 DVD-116 DVCAM-64/039 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-The zenith or Golden Age of Gupta era
i.e. from 4th Cent. A.D. to 6 the Cent. A.D. Is shown through 51’32" 11-Jun-02 39 IG-2K/BCT-60/39
sculpture and terracotta Arts.
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
40 DVD-117 DVCAM-64/040 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-Form 7th to 13th Century A.D. the
art of sculpture with varying theme developed through 47’55" 13-Jun-02 40 IG-2K/BCT-60/40
out India. This episode showcased the pan- Indian
perspective of this movement of art.
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
41 DVD-118 DVCAM-64/041 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-Bronze Sculpture which started in
Harappan civilization which was revived in 3th Century 53’53" 18-Jun-02 41 IG-2K/BCT-60/41
B.C. Then onward the Art in Bronze got a detailed treatment
especially in South India. Which ran parallel to theosophical
trend and rituals. Thus this episode highlights these aspects
of Bronze encompassing the art of making Bronze icon to the
encoded symbolism.
Documentary-The fisherman’s folk-dance of
Maharashtara-(Koli)-I-This documentary highlights the
life-style rituals and singing traditional dance of Koli people.
42 DVD-119 DVCAM-64/042 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-This episode showcased the Buddha
Art in sculpture and in other modes. The aasthi Kalash to 54’21" 20-Jun-02 42 IG-2K/BCT-60/42
the world of Thanka and Dunhung painting are discussed
here. In this episode we have also showcased the IGNCA
endeavour as well.
Documentary-The fisherman’s folk dance of
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
43 DVD-120 DVCAM-64/043 Itihas Key Jharokey Sey-Arms & Armours, This episode
showcased the heritage. 55’00" 25-Jun-02 43 IG-2K/BCT-60/43
Documentary-Sat Sur-(I)-This film traces Indian musical
tradition through a journey of Gharanas with special
highlights of Kawal Baccha Gharana.
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
44 DVD-121 DVCAM-64/044 Itihas Key Jharokey Sey-The treasure of Miniature Paintings
kept in National Museum is shown in this film. The highlight 57’29" 27-Jun-02 44 IG-2K/BCT-60/44
and evolution of Pahari School. Rajasthani School, Mughal
School and finally Deccani Miniature are discussed with
different dynamics of style, theme and colour treatments.
Documentary-Sat sur-II
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
45 DVD-122 DVCAM-64/045 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-Journey of Indian Coinages National 55’45" 2-Jul-02 45 IG-2K/BCT-60/45
Museum has a rare collection of Coins from 6th century B.C.
to 19th Century A.D. The evolution and movement of coins
in different era are show here which in actual sense
re-constructed the History of India.
Documentary-Sat Sur-III
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
46 DVD-123 DVCAM-64/046 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-National Museum has tremendous 48’50" 7/4/2002 46 IG-2K/BCT-60/46
collection of manuscripts which ranges from Sharda script
to the Nagri script apart from exclusive speciments of
Persian and Arabic scripts. This episode dedicate to the
aspect of Manuscript heritage of India.
Documentary-Behind the Mask-this film traces the Mask
heritage of North East India with special references to the
mask making and rituals which envelopes the whole
tradition of traditional people.
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
47 DVD-124 DVCAM-64/047 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-Textile Heritage of India is show-cased
here. The dynamics of cotton and silk weaving and painting 49’00" 9-Jul-02 47 IG-2K/BCT-60/47
are talked about. The tradition of Baluchari and Patola saree
hamba rumals will be shown. This episode would
also highlight the Zari tradition as well.
Documentary-Kesar Saga-(I) The folktale of Laddakh
understood through oral tradition.
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
48 DVD-125 DVCAM-64/048 Itihas Ke Jharokey Sey-The journey of this episode will be 48’15" 11/7/2002 48 IG-2K/BCT-60/48
through the Anthropological Gallery of National Museum.
The tribal of the North East like of Arunachal, Nagaland,
Meghalaya will be focused. The costume to the level of
their creativity will be hlighted .
Documentary-Kesar Saga-(II) The folktale of Laddakh
understood through oral tradition.
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
49 DVD-126 DVCAM-64/049 Vishista-Golden Treasure-(Manuscript Mission Report) This
covers the subject of Mss. From the standpoint of Mission 52’30" 16-Jul-02 49 IG-2K/BCT-60/49
and also covered the endeavour of IGNCA in the context
of Mss. Mission.
Documentary-Kesar Saga-III
50 DVD-127 DVCAM-64/050 50the Episode: Recapitulation of Vishista, Samvad, Itihas ke
Jharokey Sey and Documentaries covered under Kala Nidhi 52’30" 18-Jul-02 50 IG-2K/BCT-60/50
51 DVD-128 DVCAM-64/051 Vedic Chanting-(Sholapur) 57’55" 23-Jul-02 51 IG-2K/BCT-60/51
Documentary-Folklore Museum of Mysore-III
Compere-Smt. Parvathi
52 DVD-129 DVCAM-64/052 Vedic Chanting-(Honavar & Gokarna)
Documentary-The Legacy of Tana Bhagat 57’27" 25-Jul-02 52 IG-2K/BCT-60/52
Tana Bhagat was a leader of tribal society of Jharkhand and
he led the satyagraha movement and Voiced against Socio-
Political oppression.
Compere-Smt. Parvathi
53 DVD-130 DVCAM-64/053 Vedic Chanting-(Trichur) 55’07" 30-Jul-02 53 IG-2K/BCT-60/53
This documentary focuses on the Sufi song tradition which
is regularly sang in the Gareeb Nawaz Dargha of Ajmer.
Compere-Smt. Parvathi
54 DVD-131 DVCAM-64/054 Visista-Vadakkunnathar Temple at Trissur
Vedic chanting (Trichy) 56’09" 1-Aug-02 54 IG-2K/BCT-60/54
Documentary-Yelhou Jagoi
The dancing tradition of Lai Haroba of Manipur is showcased
here. This traditional dance addressed the cosmic concept
of creation.
Compere-Smt. Parvathi
55 DVD-132 DVCAM-64/055 Visista-Paintings of K.R. Subbanna
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 55’45" 6-Aug 55 IG-2K/BCT-60/55
K.R. Subbanna and Parvathi Kumar
Documentary-Mudiyettu & Kalamezhuthum
Pattum-(I)-This film focuses on folk art tradition of Kerala
which has its mythology, dance and sangeet.
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
56 DVD-133 DVCAM-64/056 Visista-Painting of G.R. Iranna 49’07" 8-Aug-02 56 IG-2K/BCT-60/56
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar
G.R. Iranna and parvathi Kumar
Documentary-Mudiyettu & Kalamezhuthum
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
57 DVD-134 DVCAM-64/057 Visista-Paintings of Sukhvinder Singh
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 52’40" 13-Aug-02 57 IG-2K/BCT-60/57
Sukhvinder singh and Parvathi Kumar
Documentary-Maha Kumbhabhishekam-(I)
Kumbhaabhisekam ceremony remains a sacred ritual held in
a periodic interval of 12 Years. This ceremony has many
inner dynamics as with elaborate rituals like the sacred
water the pot or Kumbham, the sacrificial pit kundam, the
vibrating mantra links this great ceremony.
Compere-Parvathi Kumar
58 DVD-135 DVCAM-64/058 Vishista-Independence day special
Samvad-Smt. Sonal Mansingh & Dr. L.M. Singhvi 49’23" 15-Aug-02 58 IG-2K/BCT-60/58
Documentary-The Legacy of Tana Bhagat-(II)
Tana Bhagat was leader of tribal society of Jharkhand and
he led the satyagraha movement and Voiced against
Socio-political oppression.
Compere-Abhinav Chaturvedi
59 DVD-136 DVCAM-64/059 Vishista-Independence day special-II
Samvad-Smt. Sonal Mansingh & Dr. L.M. Singhvi 54’20" 20-Aug-02 59 IG-2K/BCT-60/059
Documentary-Behind the Mask-(II) This film traces the Mask
heritage of North East India with special references to the
mask making and rituals which envelopes the whole tradition
of traditional people.
Compere-Abhinav Chaturvedi
60 DVD-137 DVCAM-64/060 Vishista-Paintings of Kishor Shinde
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 58’40" 22-Aug-02 60 IG-2K/BCT-60/60
Kishor Shinde and Parvathi Kumar
Documentary-Maha Kumbhabhishekam-(II)
Kumbhaabhisekam ceremony remains a sacred ritual held
in a periodic interval of 12 Years. The Ceremony has many
inner dynamics as with elaborate rituals like the sacred water
the pot or Kumbham, the sacrificial pit kundam, the vibrating
mantra links this great ceremony.
Compere-Parvathi Kumar
61 DVD-138 DVCAM-64/061 Vishista-Paintings of Neeraj Goswami
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 56’10" 27-Aug-02 61 IG-2K/BCT-60/61
Neeraj Goswami and Suparna
Compere-Shri. Abhinav Chaturvedi
62 DVD-139 DVCAM-64/062 Vishista-Paintings of Dattatraya Apte
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 54’40" 29-Aug-02 62 IG-2K/BCT-60/62
Dattatraya Apte and Suparna
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
63 DVD-140 DVCAM-184/063 Vishista-Drawing & Sculpture of Tutu Pattnaik
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 60’55" 3-Sep-02 63 IG-2K/BCT-60/63
Tutu Pattnaik and Suparna
Documentary-Cham dance of Arunachal Pradesh
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
64 DVD-141 DVCAM-184/063 Vishista-Paintings of Kavita Nayar
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 56’55" 5-Sep-02 64 IG-2K/BCT-60/64
Kavita Nayar and Suparna
Documentary-Raja Deen Dayal
Compere-Shri Abhinav chaturvedi
65 DVD-142 " Vishista-sculpture & Drawing of Parmod K. Mann
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 55’33" 10-Sep-02 65 IG-2K/BCT-60/65
Abhimanue V.G. and suparna
Documentary-Balivadam (Kutiyatam)-I
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
66 DVD-143 DVCAM-184/064 Vishista-Paintings of Probir Gupta
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 59’40" 12-Sep-02 66 IG-2K/BCT-60/66
Probir Gupta and Suparna
Documentary-Balivadam (Kutiyatam)-II
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
67 DVD-144 " Vishista-Paintings of Abhimanue V.G.
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 56’20" 17-Sep-02 67 IG-2K/BCT-60/67
Abhimanue V.G. and Suparna
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
68 DVD-145 " Vishista-Paintings of Prithpal Singh Sehdave "Ladi"
Samvad-Kala aur Kalakar 60’55" 19-Sep-02 68 IG-2K/BCT-60/68
Prithpal Singh Sehdave "Ladi" and Suparna
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi.
69 DVD-146 DVCAM-184/065 Vishista-Sculpture of K.R. Radhakrishnan
Samvad-K.R. Radhakrishnan and suparna 50’25" 24-Sep-02 69 IG-2K/BCT-60/69
Documentary-Instruments of Kerala-I
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
70 DVD-147 DVCAM-184/065 Vishista-September 11, America under attack-photographs
" by Kamal Sharma 50’48" 27-Sep-02 70 IG-2K/BCT-60/70
Documentary-Instruments of Kerala-II
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
71 DVD-148 Vishista-Workshop on Humpi
" Documentary-Banam Santhal-I 51’30" 1-Oct-02 71 IG-2K/BCT-60/71
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
72 DVD-149 DVCAM-184/66 Vishista & Samvad- Pt. Rajiv Taranath by Dr. M.R. Gautam
Documentary-Banam Santhal-II 58’50" 3-Oct-02 72 IG-2K/BCT-60/72
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
73 DVD-150 " Samvad-Uma Sharma by Abhinav Chaturvedi
Documentary-Mother Goddess-I 52’35" 8-Oct-02 73 IG-2K/BCT-60/73
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
74 DVD-151 " Samvad-Prof. G.C. Tripathi and Dr. N.D. Sharma
Documentary-Mother Goddess-II 52’13" 10-Oct-02 74 IG-2K/BCT-60/74
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
75 DVD-152 DVCAM-184/067 Samvad-Shri Purushothama Billimale by Abhinav Chaturvedi
Vishista-Mysore Dussehra 55’52" 15-Oct-02 75 IG-2K/BCT-60/75
Documentary-Tabu Chos Khor-I
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
76 DVD-153 DVCAM-184/067 Samvad-Shri Yusuf Arrackal by Dr. Suresh
Vishista-Painting of Yusuf Arrackal 57’15 17-Oct-02 76 IG-2K/BCT-60/76
Documentary-Tabu Chos Khor-II
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
77 DVD-154 " Vishista-Symposium: Folklore, Public Space and Civil Society
Documentary-Tabu Chos Khor-III 59’59" 22-Oct.-02 77 IG-2K/BCT-60/77
Compere-Shri Abhinav Chaturvedi
78 DVD-155 DVCAM-184/068 Samvad-Prof Jawaharlal Handoo by Dr. Y.A. Sudhakar Reddy
Documentary-Bhikhari Thakkur and Bidesia 53’46" 24-Oct-02 78 IG-2K/BCT-60/78
Compere-Shri Abhinav chaturvedi
79 DVD-156 " Samvad-Dr. Lokendra Arambam and Athrongla Sangatam
Documentary- Gabar Ghee Chor 53’28" 29-Oct-02 79 IG-2K/BCT-60/79
Compere-Shri Abhinav chaturvedi
80 DVD-157 " Samvad-Dr. Susan S. Wadley and Dr. M.D. Muthukumar Swamy
Documentary-Beti Beehawa 58’00" 31-Oct.-02 80 IG-2K/BCT-60/80
Compere-Shri Abhinav chaturvedi
81 DVD-158 DVCAM-184/069 Vishista-The Vedic Tradition of India
Documentary-Bidesia 55’03" 5-Nov-02 81 IG-2K/BCT-60/82
Compere-Shri Abhinav chaturvedi
82 DVD-159 Vishista-The Vedic Tradition of India
" Documentary- Gopi Bhat ki tamasha 59’04" 7-Nov-02 82 IG-2K/BCT-60/83
Compere-Shri Abhinav chaturvedi
83 DVD-160 Samvad-Dr. M.R. Gautam by Pt. Rajiv Taranath 51’40" 12-Nov-02 83 IG-2K/BCT-60/84
" Documentary-Winning of friends
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
84 DVD-161 DVCAM-64/070 Samvad-Prof Alan Jabbour by Roam Chatterjee
Documentary-The faces of God 59’19" 14-Nov-02 84 IG-2K/BCT-60/85
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
85 DVD-162 DVCAM-64/071 Vishista-Pandarika Vitthalotsava
A cultural festival organised by IGNCA Bangalore Centre 59’35" 19-Nov-02 85 IG-2K/BCT-60/86
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
86 DVD-163 DVCAM-184/072 Vishista-Malana (A lost utopia in the Himalaya)
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath 51’00" 26-Nov-02 87 IG-2K/BCT-60/87
87 DVD-164 Vishista-Fahimuddin Khan Dagar
" Documentary-Urumi (Fighting for Survival) 60’45" 28-Nov-02 88 IG-2K/BCT-60/88
Compere-smt. Suparnaa Chadda Bai
88 DVD-165 Vishista-Smt. Sonal Mansing presents. Nayika 51’55" 3-Dec-02 89 IG-2K/BCT-60/89
" The Woman in Odissi
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
89 DVD-166 DVCAM-64/073 Vishista-Fahimuddin Khan Dagar 57’15" 5-Dec-02 90 IG-2K/BCT-60/90
Documentary-Hampi-The world Heritage-(I)
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
90 DVD-167 DVCAM-184/074 Vishista-Nat. Sankirtana (Nupa Khubak Isei)-I 55’35" 10-Dec-02 91 IG-2K/BCT-60/91
Documentary-Hampi-The World Heritage-(II)
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
91 DVD-168 " Vishista-Nat. Sankirtana (Nupa Khubak Isei)-II 52’00" 12-Dec-02 92 IG-2K/BCT-60/92
Documentary-Hampi-The World Heritage-(III)
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
92 DVD-169 DVCAM-184/074 Vishista-Gita Govindam-I 56’13" 17-Dec-02 93 IG-2K/BCT-60/93
( A dance poem by Kalakshetra, Madras)
Documentary-Hampi-The World Heritage-(IV)
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
93 DVD-170 DVCAM-184/075 Vishista-Gita Govindam-II 00’00" 19-Dec-02 94 IG-2K/BCT-60/94
( A dance poem by Kalakshetra, Madras)
Documentary-Hampi-The World Heritage-(V)
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
94 DVD-171 Vishista-Merry Christmas 53’30" 24-Dec-02 95 IG-2K/BCT-60/95
" Documentary-Hampi-The world Heritage-(VI)
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
95 DVD-172 Vishista-Hastakshar-The Aesthetic Signature 13th Dec. 59’55" 26-Dec-02 96 IG-2K/BCT-60/96
" Documentary-Nat sankirtana-Nityai Dhumel
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
96 DVD-173 DVCAM-184/076 Vishista-Nat sankirtana-Nityai Dhumel 53’30" 31-Dec-02 97 IG-2K/BCT-60/97
Documentary-Shravana Belagola Chapter-I
The Jain Heritage Site
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
97 DVD-174 " Vishista-Nat Sankirtana-Goura Dhumel 53’30" 26-Dec-05 98 IG-2K/BCT-60/98
(The Jain Heritage Site )
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
98 DVD-175 " Vishista-Nat Sankirtana-Vaasak 52’30" 2-Jan-03 99 IG-2K/BCT-60/99
Documentary-Shravana Belagola Chapter-III
( The Jain Heritage Site )
Compere-Smt. Suparnaa chadda Baijnath
99 DVD-176 DVCAM-184/077 Vishista-Journy of Kalatarang – The Making of 100 Episode 55’00" 7-Jan-03 100 IG-2K/BCT-60/100
compere- Smt. Suparnaa Chadda Baijnath
Credit caption for Kalatarnag commentary for show reel
100 DVD-177 Nagamandala-Naga worship in Dakshina Kannada 47’00" 101 IG-2K/BCT-60/101
" (Naga agrarian celebration in vogue in South Karnataka
has been documented fully.)
101 DVD-178 From Piety to Plenty- A film on Dharmastala 56’59" 102 IG-2K/BCT-60/102
" Dharamasthala is one of the oldest tirtha of Dakshina
Karnataka. The film captures the sacred corridor involving
the pulses of socio-religious belief system .
Wisdom frozen in time-In search of treasure–Guwahati
Under the directions of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Atal
Bihari Vajpayeeji. The National manuscript Mission was
launched and IGNCA is its nodal agency under the
Ministry of Culture. Towards this we have documented
scores of manuscript libraries to showcase the contents
of our manuscripts heritage. The Journey stars with
Guwahati and we have covered Kamaroop Anusandhan
Samiti and narayani Handiqui Historical Institue which
have hundreds of year old Bhurjapatra. The film highlights
the eco-friendliness of Bhurjapatra and talks in length
about how to upkeep the heritage.
102 DVD-179 DVCAM-64/078 i) Colour temperature of other time-Mysore painting-Chapter-I 53’33" 103 IG-2K/BCT-60/103
The film deals with archaic yet world famous Mysore
painting. It touches upon the pulses of creativity and
covers the whole process.
(ii) Wisdom frozen in time. In search of treasure….Guwahati
In this programme we have addressed the manuscript kept in
Guwahati University Library and try to highlight the various
103 DVD-180 DVCAM-64/079 i) colour temperature of other time-Mysore Paintings-Chapter-II 59’37" 104 IG-2K/BCT-60/104
The film highlights the age old collections of Mysore paintings
and covers even those which were shown in international
(ii) Wisdom frozen in time. In search of treasure……
The manuscripts of Orissa is the focus of this programme.
The illustrated traditional manuscripts encompass wide
range of space which are presented in this episode.
104 DVD-181 DVCAM-184/080 (i) Play of Art with play of cards-Ganjifa 105 IG-2K/BCT-60/105
Ganjifa or the playing cards, which has come to India from 50’15"
middle-east during Moghul era is being traced here.
This film covers the various types of Ganjifa which not
only manifested but incorporated the traditional art
of the different parts of India.
(ii) Wisdom frozen in time. In search of treasure….Kolkata
The manuscript which are kept in Asiatic Society, Vanga
Sahitya Parishat and Sanskrit Sahitya Parishat are covered
both from the view of content and preservation.
105 DVD-182 The Talking rocks of Badami
" The film on Badami traces the human kinds romanced 51’29" 106 IG-2K/BCT-60/106
with stone culture during Badami Chalukaya period. Out
of the rock mountains, ancient sculptures have carved
out five majour cave temples which unifies many
believes and showcase the excellence of temple
architecture. The mega documentary incorporates the
historical analysis apart from highlighting the creativity
of 4th – 5th century AD.
106 DVD-183 DVCAM-184/080 (i) Cradle of Indian Architecture- Aihole 107 IG-2K/BCT-60/107
" Aihole remain a space where temple architecture
experiments started and reached its zenith. This
Documentary is created and well posites with expert
analysis from Historians.
(ii) Wisdom frozen in time. In search of treasure….Chennai. 52’59"
The textual tradition of Tamil Nadu remains the cultural
continuam, the heritage of manuscripts from different
Maths and private collections are kept in this
Kuppuswamy Shastri Research Institute.
107 DVD-184 DVCAM-184/081 Secred Excelleance-Pattadakal Temples 48’25" 108 IG-2K/BCT-60/108
Pattadakal remains the historical ground where temple
collections excelled of the time which starts from
Aihole and Badami. This is a world heritage site.
(ii) Wisdom frozen in time. In search of treasure .. Chennai.
The Government Oriental Manuscript Library situated in
Chennai highlights collection of manuscripts since the
British. The programme focus is on the collection, theme
and collecting catalogue.
108 DVD-185 (i) Echoes of the past-Bijapur-Chapter-I 47’39" 109 IG-2K/BCT-60/109
" The film has documented the architectural wonder
acoustic of the world Golgumbaz apart from other
monuments of Adil Shahi dynasty who was better know
as Jagadguru Brhadisvara.
(ii) Wisdom frozen is time . In search of treasure..Mysore
The programme focus on the huge collection and variety
of manuscripts in the Oriental Research Institute of
109 DVD-186 DVCAM-184/081 (i) Echoes of the past – Bijapur-Chapter-II 58’27" 110 IG-2K/BCT-60/110
we have documented the well known Bijapur Museum
which traces from Prehistory to Adil Shahi dynasty.
(ii) Wisdom frozen in time. In search of treasure…MELUKOTE.
This film shown the manuscript treasures of Karnataka
region collected and preserved by Academy of Sanskrit
110 DVD-187 DVCAM-64/082 (i) A Journey through time-Tamil university museum 47’40" 111 IG-2K/BCT-60/111
The film links people from various time within the
dynamics of the folk tradition. The highlight of the film
is to trace the bygone era even the implements like
three in the Board Games, which once enthused the
(ii) Wisdom frozen in time. In search of treasure.
A dialogue with K. V. Sharma, a pioneer in manuscript
studies unveils the potential of manuscript heritage
of India and talks about the scientific In our old
111 DVD-188 DVCAM-64/083 Creativity at work-Thanjavur 57’40" 112 IG-2K/BCT-60/112
(i)Thanjavur remains a space where culture and creativity
exist together. The highlight of the film is the grandeur
of Thanjavur paintings, the process of world famous plate
making and the skills incorporating art and science of
Veena making.
(ii) A spiritual Halt-Mahakoota
This film highlights a lesser known yet archaic thirtha-
Mahakoota, which links sub sects of the Shaivism to the
level of Tantra and Shakti.
112 DVD-189 DVCAM-184/084 (i) Measuring the sky-A journey to the Brhadisvara temple 54’54" 113 IG-2K/BCT-60/113
Brhadisvara, a Shiva temple of 15th-16th century houses
the grandeur of architecture and scientific amalgamation.
The film highlights the rare Mahakumbhabishekam to
various iconographical analysis of this temple complex.
(ii) Wisdom frozen in time. In search of treasure….Thanjavur
We have documented the world famous Saraswati Mahal
Library which has millions of rare manuscripts including
Palm leaves from all over the Southern Region. The film
talks about understanding the preservation and conservation
of this rare manuscripts for posterity.
113 DVD-190 Badaguthittu Yakshagana- This film showcases the theatre 47’05" 114 IG-2K/BCT-60/114
" art from of coastal region of Karnataka. The Bhima
Hadimba episode is portrayed in this film with its own
qnique colour and flavour.
114 DVD-191 Kudiyattam- Kudiyattam is one of the most ancient 115 IG-2K/BCT-60/115
" theatrical traditions of Kerala. The film revolves around 52’40"
staging of human emotions, which elaborate facial and
bodily expressions. This sanskrit play allows us to
understand the intangible heritage of South India in
general , Kerala in particular.
115 DVD-192 DVCAM-64/085 Krishnanattam- Krishnanatham is Kerala’s stage art to 51’00" 116 IG-2K/BCT-60/116
showcase the Krishna Bhava and Bhakti movement in
classical tradition. The flim uniquely portrays the theme
of Krishna Leela with mythological punctuation.
116 DVD-193 DVCAM-64/086 Kathakali- This film showcase a short piece from Kalyana 57’14" 117 IG-2K/BCT-60/117
Saughandhikm where Bhima goes in search of divine
flowers as per the desire of his consort Dhraupadi.
On his way he meets Hanuman and gets blessings.
The character of Hanuman of the mythological epic
Ramayana has come with play of Mahabharata. This
style has its own historicity as Kathakkali originated in
early 17th century and was introduced by Raja Kottarkra
Thus Kathakkali, which means story through actions,
remains a cultural continuum of India.
117 DVD-194 DVCAM-64/087 Kuchipudi Bhagavatamelam- It is another type of 58’57" 118 IG-2K/BCT-60/118
Yakshagana originated in Andhra Pradesh. With time it
has changed its drama and dance aspects. The story
highlights the Krishna perspective of Indian tradition and
links with Satyabhama episode.
118 DVD-195 DVCAM-64/088 Teru-K-Koothu- This play depicts the Panchali Sapathan.
Here one can notice the multiple role of Kattaikkaram 58’40" 119 IG-2K/BCT-60/119
as Sutradhar. The story line revolves the insult by
Dushasana and the reaction of Pandavas. However, the
folk element depicts Draupadi as mother and remains
the focus of this play. This is one of the most famous
traditional stage art forms of Tamil Nadu.
119 DVD-196 DVCAM-64/089 Chindu Yakshagana & Mohiniattam- This edition of
Kalatarang consists of the segments-I) Chindu Yakshagana 1 hr 05sec 120 IG-2K/BCT-60/120
and ii) Mohiniatta. This episode of Rangollasa highlights
Chindu Yakshagana of Andhra Pradesh. The theme
revolves around Cenchu Lakshmi and Adi Lakshmi and
Narasimha. Mohiniattam is a programme based on the
interview of Dr. Kana Rele, an eminent personality
of Mohiniattam.
120 DVD-197 DVCAM-64/090 Sri Krishna Paarijaatha- Sri Krishna Paarijaatha of North 52’15" 121 IG-2K/BCT-60/121
Karnataka evolved during 2nd half of 19th century and
routed through Kuchipudi and Yakshagana. The episode
revolves around Styabhama, Narada and the gift of
Paarijaatha to Rukmini. However, Krishna remains
central figure.
121 DVD-198 DVCAM-64/091 Doddaata- The Doddaata, the theatre tradition of 48’45" 122 IG-2K/BCT-60/122
Karnataka resembles Moodalapaya. Thus the Yakshagana
element is prominent here. The theme is "Kamadahana
Prasanga". Here Devendra narrates that Tarakasura is
creating lot of trouble to all, so desired Shiva’s
intervention and the episode highlights how Manmata
was destroyed by Shiva’s third eye.
122 DVD-199 DVCAM-184/092 Tenkuthittu Yakshagana- This is a play of Yakshaghana 59’13 123 IG-2K/BCT-60/123
style more popular in South Karnataka and known as
Thenkuthittu. The theme revolves around Ramayana
episode wherein Rama and Ravana’s army are face to face.
123 DVD-200 Sannaata- The play is based on real life story called 58’35" 124 IG-2K/BCT-60/124
" Sangyabalya. This folk representation of Karnataka with
simple theme and direct meaning dialogue create a witty
conversation in the play.
124 DVD-201 Melattur Bhagavata Mela- This enactment highlights the 1hr 00Min 125 IG-2K/BCT-60/125
" theme where King Bhisma and his wife desire that Krishna
should be chosen as a groom for daughter Rukmini. This
style of theatrics is 17th century migration of Kuchipudi
Bhagwada Mela to Thanjavur. Tamil Nadu.
125 DVD-202 DVCAM-184/093 Chitrakala Parishat & Tamil University Thanjore 56 Min 126 IG-2K/BCT-60/126
i) Chitrakala Parishat
Chitrakala Parishat is a center for art and creativity. At one
level art and heritage are upkept in those galleries with
varieties of their creative pulses. The collections ranges
the pan Indian dimension and also houses the folk
traditions be in bell metal to the level of leather
puppetry with varied punctuations of traditional
storylines. On the other hand this space is utilized to
educate modern artists and they are trained within the
broader parenthesis ethnic aesthetics and modernity
where east and west meets harmoniously.
ii) Wisdom Frozen in time. In search of treasure-Thanjore
Tamil University Thanjore.
The textual tradition of Tamil Nadu remains the cultural
continuum, the heritage of manuscripts from different
Maths and private collections are kept in this University
126 DVD-203 i) Ganga – Kalanidhi
" ii) Ramlila Showreel – Vishisht 58’03" 127 IG-2K/BCT-60/485
127 DVD-204 i) Gurukul – Om shanti Dhama (Kalaidhi)
" ii) Ramlila- Tarika Vadh 57’21" 128 IG-2K/BCT-60/486
128 DVD-205 DVCAM-184/094 i) Ramlila – Ahilya Uddhar – Vishisht
ii) In Search of Indian Genius – Kalanidhi 58’50" 129 IG-2K/BCT-60/487
129 DVD-206 " i) Ramlila – Ashok Vatika- Vishisht 58’30" 130 IG-2K/BCT-60/488
ii) Sanjhi – Kalanidhi
130 DVD-207 " i) Ramlila- Seeta Swayamvar Part- I- Vishisht 58’30" 131 IG-2K/BCT-60/489
ii) Kaal – Kalanidhi
131 DVD-208 DVCAM-184/095 i) Ramlila – Seeta Swayamvar Part-II- Vishisht 58’52" 132 IG-2K/BCT-60/490
ii) An insight – Indian Diaspora – Samvad
132 DVD-209 " i) Ramlila- Laxman Parshuram Samvad – Vishisht 59’15" 133 IG-2K/BCT-60/491
ii) Zohra Unmasks Part-I-Samvad
133 DVD-210 " i) Ramlila – Kaikayee Antardwand – Vishisht 58’35" 134 IG-2K/BCT-60/492
ii) Zohra Unmasks Part-II- Samvad
134 DVD-211 DVCAM-184/096 i) Ramlila- Manthra – Vishisht 58’32" 135 IG-2K/BCT-60/493
ii) Interview with Mulk Raj Anand – Samvad
135 DVD-212 " i) Ramlila Kaikayee Dashrath Samvad – Vishisht 58’30" 136 IG-2K/BCT-60/494
ii) Interview with Damyanti Joshi – Samvad
136 DVD-213 " i) Ramlila – Ram Pitra Vakya Paripalak – Vishisht 58’48" 137 IG-2K/BCT-60/495
ii) Interview with Dr. K.S. Karanth – Samvad
137 DVD-214 DVCAM-64/097 i) Ramlila – Ram Vanyatra – Vishisht 59’27" 138 IG-2K/BCT-60/496
ii) Reflections – B. C. Sanyal – Samvad
138 DVD-215 DVCAM-64/098 i) Ramlila – Dasrath Maran – Vishisht
ii) Interview with Bhishma Sahani – Samvad 56’32" 139 IG-2K/BCT-60/497
139 DVD-216 DVCAM-64/099 i) Ramlila (Bharat Milap) – Vishisht and Interview
ii) Interview with Sitara Devi – Samvad 59’40" 140 IG-2K/BCT-60/498
140 DVD-217 DVCAM-64/100 i) Ramlila (Sita Haran) – Vishisht
ii) Interview with Ann Marie Schimmel – Samvad 58’53" 141 IG-2K/BCT-60/499
141 DVD-218 DVCAM-64/101 i) Ramlila (Lanka Dahan) – Vishisht and
Interview with Prof. Maxwell – Samvad 57’51" 142 IG-2K/BCT-60/500
142 DVD-219 DVCAM-64/102 i) Ramlila (Ravana Vadh) – Vishisht
ii) Interview with Prof. V.N. Mishra – Samvad 57’32" 143 IG-2K/BCT-60/501
143 DVD-220 DVCAM-64/103 i) Ramlila Ramnagar Part-I-Vishisht
ii) Interview with Prof. Mahesh Mishra – Samvad 58’30" 144 IG-2K/BCT-60/502
144 DVD-221 DVCAM-64/104 i) Ramlila Ramnagar Part-II – Vishisht
ii) Interview with Elizabeth Brunner (Moments and 59’30" 145 IG-2K/BCT-60/503
Memories)- Samvad
145 DVD-222 DVCAM-64/105 i) In Search of Human Heart – Kalanidhi & Prakriti – Vishisht 58’22" 146 IG-2K/BCT-60/504
146 DVD-223 DVCAM-64/106 Bhil paintings ( Image & Imagination)- Kalanidhi 57’35" 147 IG-2K/BCT-60/505
Manuscripts Overview – Vishisht
147 DVD-224 DVCAM-64/107 Women Priestess of Lepeha – Kalanidhi and Manuscripts
Digitization – vishisht 55’17" 148 IG-2K/BCT-60/506
148 DVD-225 DVCAM-64/108 Journey of Bhikunis- Kalanidhi and Manuscript Library,
Kolkata- Vishisht 58’07" 149 IG-2K/BCT-60/507
149 DVD-226 DVCAM-64/109 Recollection of Satyagrahi- Kalanidhi and Ghramar Geet
Part-I Vishisht 57’20" 150 IG-2K/BCT-60/508
150 DVD-227 DVCAM-64/110 Brahmvadi Part-I- Kalanidhi and Bhramar
Geet Part-II- Vishisht 58’18" 151 IG-2K/BCT-60/509
151 DVD-228 DVCAM-64/111 Brahmvadini Part-II- Kalanidhi and IGNCA and Indian
Diaspora – Vishisht 52’58 152 IG-2K/BCT-60/510