Short Term Certificate Courses

In an endeavour to promote IGNCA’s mandate, which is to devise programmes of research, publication, training, creative activities, performance and also to document, preserve, conserve and disseminate Indian arts and cultural heritage of the nation on the global platform, IGNCA Regional Centre Bangalore has planned to start the following short term Certificate Courses:

  • Research Methodology
  • Indian Knowledge Traditions

Syllabus For Indian Knowledge Traditions

Module 1:  Darshan (Worldview)

  • Course Overview – (What ground will be covered?)
  • Vedic vision and the Upanishads: Macrocosmic order – Rta, Satya, Dharma, Atman, Brahman, Chetana
  • Sramanic  Negation: Buddhism, Jainism, Carvakism etc.
  • Synthesis of Yoga in Gita

Module 2:  Srishti aur Vyavahar (Microcosmic Order and Practice)

  • Kama, Artha, Moksha:  The human body as  Living Vehicle (Yaan):  Sanskara, Yoga, Sadhana,  Dhyana, Samadhi
  • The Social Order: Ashramas, (Artha Shastra)
  • State and Governance (Artha Shastra)

Module 3:   Shilpa (Creativity and Symbolic Forms)

  • Bhava and Bhasha: Aesthetics, Language, (theories of Bhava, Rasa, Dhvani- Natyashastra)
  • Music and Dance
  • Literature: (examples from Mahabharata, Kalidasa)
  • Sculpture, Painting, crafts etc.
  • Architecture and Planning

Module 4: Vigyan: (Science and Mathematics)

  • Philology and Linguistics
  • Mathematics
  • Astronomy
  • Ayurveda
  • Chemistry and Metallurgy
  • The Design of Indian thought and its contemporary relevance

Syllabus for Research Methodology

Module 1: Historical, archival and empirical studies in music, dance, folklore and tribal research. Methodologies in Art History, Criticism and Aesthetics. Module 2: Fieldwork Design, Archival and Documentation Studies. Issues of data collection and analysis. Paper and grant writing.

Academic Calendar, Eligibility, Total In-Take, Fee & Schedule

  • Last date of receiving application  :  20-03-2019
  • Notification about the admission of Candidates : 28-02-2019
  • Last date of paying the fees : 20-03-2019
  • Commencement of Course  : 21-03-2019
Name of the Certificate Course No. of Seats Fees for the entire Certificate Course Class Schedule Duration
Research Methodology 35 Rs. 12,000/- Friday: 6 pm- 8 pm & Saturday: 10 am – 4pm 12 weeks
Indian Knowledge Traditions 35 Rs. 12,000/- Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm & Monday: 6 pm – 8 pm 12 weeks

Eligibility for admission in all Certificate Courses is Graduation in any Discipline Apply online:  In case of any enquiry/ clarification, contact at: Phone No : 080-23212320 | Email :

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