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Rock Art PublicationsBy
Rock Art in the Old WorldMichael Lorblanchet (ed.)
Deer in Rock Art of India and EuropeGiacamo Camuri, Angelo Fossati and Yasodhar Mathpal (eds.)
Rock Art in Kumaon HimalayaYashodhar Mathpal
Rock Art in KeralaYashodhar Mathpal
Conservation Of Rock ArtBansi Lal Malla (ed.)
Rock Art Studies: Concept, methodology, Context, Documentation and Convservation Vol. IBansi Lal Malla – Introduction
Rock Art Studies: Interpretation through Multidisciplinary Approaches Vol.IIBansi Lal Malla – Introduction
The World Of Rock Art: An Overview of the Five ContinentsBansi Lal Malla – Introduction
Global Rock ArtBansi Lal Malla and V. H. Sonawane – Introduction
Rock Art Of Andhra Pradesh: A New SynthesisBy N.Chandramouli, General Editor Bansi Lal Malla – Prologue
Rock Art of Andhra PradeshBy N.Chandramouli, General Editor Bansi Lal Malla – Prologue
Glimpses of India-China Rock ArtBansi Lal Malla -  Introduction
Rock Art of India Suitable Dating TechniquesBansi Lal Malla (ed.) – Introduction
Cultural Ecology Prehistory And Ethno-Archaeological Context Of Indian Rock Art With Emphasis On North-Eastern StatesBansi Lal Malla(ed.), Dwipen Bezbaruah – Introduction
Silent Rock’s An Eloquent Testimony – Rock Art Heritage of OdishaBy Sadasiba Pradhan General Editor: Bansi Lal Malla – Introduction
Rajasthan ki ShailchitrakalaBy Murari Lal Sharma General Editor : Bansi Lal Malla
Understanding Rock of India-China : Rock Art of India- Volume IBy Bansi Lal Malla - Introduction
Rock Art Heritage of Northeast IndiaBy Bansi Lal Malla & Tilok Thakuria - Introduction
Glorious Bhimbetka: A Catalogue Based on IGNCA's Dr. Yashodhar Mathpal CollectionBy Bansi Lal Malla - Introduction

25th – 26th February 2014

Workshop / Book Release on “ Suitable dating technique for Indian Rock