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An Exhibition of Contemporary Australian Textiles Embroidery

30th Oct.1995 – 30th Nov.1995

Matighar, IGNCA

The works in this exhibition illustrate a significant trend in contemporary Australian textiles for constructing comment on the modern world. The exhibition artists represented in this exhibition are linked by their desire to question and explore the events and issues in their lives and in the world around them.

Moira Doropoulos was inspired from her Greek ancestry, love and passion for cloth and a strong interest in religion and personal spirituality. The techniques and processes are chosen for their traditional, mystical and ritual elements. Holly Story explore Textiles as a feminist’s comment on the position of women in the world, as a comment on the activity and meaning of making textiles and as a visual representation which may be compared to other forms of visual representation. Pamela Gaunt focuses on two different aspects of fashion – garment construction and garment labelling, which are used as connotative signs and evoke complex associative meanings to appeal to the desires, aspirations and fantasies of the consumer, and convey broader social and cultural meaning.

Margaret Ainscow (CURATOR)

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