1. Does one need an invite or ticket to attend events at IGNCA? Where are the tickets available and what is the cost?
No, the events at IGNCA have free entry.  For few events, passes are dispatched for entry which can be collected from Kaladarsana Division.  The information is always mentioned on invites (including e-invites).

2. Are there any restrictions on taking photos and video during events?
Yes, there are restrictions in taking photographs or videos of on-going exhibitions within IGNCA’s galleries. Prior permission is required for the same. However, there are no restrictions in taking pictures or videos of performances or any other kind of festivals which are presented at the institution.

3. What is the procedure for booking the venue at Kaladarsana Division?
A proposal on event needs to be sent to Kaladarsana Division. If a particular venue is available on the dates mentioned in the proposal, the file is put forward for approval from senior authority.  The event must adhere to the guidelines which IGNCA follow for organizing programmes.  The proposal should not have a commercial interest and should be based on education.  Once approved by senior authority, the particular venue is booked for the event.

4. Are there any specific criteria for the type of events that will be organized by Kaladarsana?
Yes, there are specific criteria to organize events at IGNCA. Firstly, the theme of the event must be based on promotion of art and culture of India which could include cultural traditions and heritage, inter cultural linkages and influences with the international world, preservation of dying art forms and contemporary scenario of Indian art world. The events at IGNCA are meant to educate people on different art forms, these are not based on commercial interest or any kind of flashy entertainment.  Secondly, the events should also not promote any corporate brands at IGNCA.

5. Can an institution/ individual collaborate with Kaladarsana for organizing an event?
Yes, institutions and individuals can collaborate with IGNCA while organizing events. An MOU is signed which mark out the responsibilities of both the institutions in a well- defined manner. Also venues become free of cost for the partner institution, when the events are organized in collaboration.

6. Can any institution/ community group/ individual book space in IGNCA for an event? Is there any selection process?
Yes, different institutions can book space in IGNCA. The selection is based on the criteria mentioned in Q. No. 4. These events should be education based. IGNCA charges for booking of spaces and such events are organised on non-collaborative basis which implies that IGNCA is only a venue partner in such programmes. If events are organised on collaborative basis, the venue becomes free of cost.

7. Under what conditions, booking request can be rejected?
The booking request can be rejected if the proposal of the programme does not follow the guidelines (mentioned in Q. no. 4) of organizing events at IGNCA. It can also be rejected if venues are not available at particular dates mentioned in the proposal.

8. What kinds of venues are available at the IGNCA? What is the procedure and charges for booking space?
IGNCA has following main venues for events:
At C. V. Mess, Janpath
Twin Art Gallery, Mati Ghar, Auditorium, Conference Hall, Amphitheatre, Front and Back Lawns
At 3, Dr. R. P. Road
Lawns with Stage
At 11, Mansingh Road
Exhibition Hall, Lecture Room, Corridor outside Lecture Room

For more details and knowing about procedure, charges, survey plans for booking space, kindly see the Norms for utilization of IGNCA spaces.  A form has also been provided for sending applications for booking of spaces to Kaladarsana.

9. Are there any package deals for booking?
No, there are no package deals for booking.

10. Does Kaladarsana also manage catering for all events?
No, Kaladarsana does not manage catering for all events.  Catering is arranged for events that are held by IGNCA either singularly or in partnership with other organizations. However, Kaladarsana does guide non-collaborating institutions if they require help regarding catering arrangement.

11. Does Kaladarsana handle public relations for all the events taking place in IGNCA?
No, Kaladarsana does not handle public relations for all events at IGNCA. It manages PR and publicity of those events which are singularly arranged by IGNCA or are held in partnership with other organizations.

12. Does Kaladarsana handle recording of the event (photography, video and live telecast)?
Kaladarsana instructs Photo Unit, Media Centre and Cultural Informatics for all kinds of arrangements for photography, video filming and live webcast. It is done for events that are held by IGNCA either singularly or in partnership. However, it does help non-collaborating institutions to get in touch with these three units if they require it for their events.

13. Does the Division have any special programs for schools and colleges?
Yes, Kaladarsana Division manages Bal Jagat programme’  for IGNCA.  Several programmes are organised by the Division from time to time. These include workshops on different genres of art, storytelling sessions, special film screenings, etc. The students from schools and colleges are also invited to visit ongoing exhibitions, cultural performances happening at IGNCA. Excursion tour of the whole institution is also organised often for students from different schools and colleges. To increase its outreach, IGNCA also goes out to other institutions and organizes workshops, performances, exhibitions, special lectures or film screening at their premises.

14. How do we contact the Division if we are interested in bringing our students to IGNCA for excursion tours and programmes?
Kaladarsana Division can be contacted either through phone call or an email or social media tools.  The letter must be addressed to Programme Director of Kaladarsana Division.

Phone numbers: 011- 23388155 and 011-23388341
Email id is igncakaladarsana@gmail.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IGNCA/
Twitter: @igncakd

15. Is it possible to associate yourself with Kaladarsana as a volunteer?
Yes, Kaladarsana does appoint volunteers and scholar guides for its programmes and events if required. Those interested can send in their CV to igncakaladarsana@gmail.com . A small stipend is also paid to the appointed volunteers or scholar guides. IGNCA also issues a certificate of experience, if it is desired by them.

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