Leela in Kheriya


Script and Direction: Molly Kaushal
Duration: 53mins
Language: Hindi with English subtitle


Leela in Kheriya is a feature length documentary film based on the Ramlila tradition of village Kheriya near Firozabad town, known for its glass and bangle factories. Kheriya Ramlila is one of the finest examples of India’s composite culture. Both Hindus and Muslims participate with equal zeal and fervor in its staging. The film begins with glass factories and furnaces, which serve as metaphors for life and the relentlessly moving ‘wheel of time’. Further, it moves into the lanes and by-lanes of Kheriya where individual selves and life’s daily grind are enmeshed in multiple ways with Ramlila. The film portrays the eternal human quest for self-realization through an exploration of personal life histories of actors and residents of Kheriya, for whom the Ramlila stage becomes a site of healing and self-recovery.

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