Pandavani Chhattisgarh

Date: 25/10/2019
Time: 5:30 अपराह्न
Venue: IGNCA Auditorium, Media Centre, 3, Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi

Pandavani is the narrative tradition of the co unities like Pardhan, Gaund and Devar, spread across Chhattisgarh, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. This tradition has sustained and has disseminated from the oral tradition of Mahabharata for ages. A single performer or storyteller leads the narration of some episodes from the Mahabharata after invoking their respective deities. The documentary highlights various nuances of the tradition, focusing on two main styles – Vedamati and Kapalika. The former one was initiated by Jhaduram Devangan and his legendary family of Pandavani performers. The Kapalika style is livelier than Vedamati. Tijanbai, Mirra Sahu and Shanti Devi are famous Kapalika style singers.

Director: Shri Manohar Aashi | Duration: 58 min, 34 seconds

Contact : 23388815 (Media Centre)