Film Screening : Recollections of Satyagrahi

Date: 16/10/2015
Time: 3:30 pm
Venue: Seminar Hall, Ignca RCB, Bengaluru

Director: Kalpana Subramaniam, Duration: 30 min
Synopsis: The film explores the exclusive interviews with Rama Rui, a freedom fighter and head of Mahila Ashram, Wardha, and Prabeena Ben of Geetao Mandir, Pauanar Ashram. It highlights the experiences, motivations, anecdotes and impression of these two women who participated in Gandhi’s satyāgraha movement. The film talks about how Mahatma Gandhi got the idea of satyāgraha and thereby recognized Kasturba as his teacher. Many anecdotes are explored through there rare interviews that take us to memory lane of the freedom struggle.