: Manmohan Chadha. National award winning film critic, author and screenwriting authority (FTII, Pune). A Cinematic Kaleidoscope: Writings of B.D. Garga

Date: 17/02/2017
Time: 4:00 अपराह्न
Venue: Lecture Hall, 11, Mansingh Road,, New Delhi

So Many Cinemas: The Motion Picture in India (1996) is a collector’s delight. In it, the kahanikaar B.D. Garga chronicles many cinematic milestones. The text and images point to a beautiful cinematic legacy but would’ve certainly been lost had it not been for Garga’s efforts. The concluding lecture of the series talks of how he constructs compelling film criticism from fragments of films. The narrative that frames the memorabilia in his collection is as important as the images themselves.