बृहदेश्वर टेम्पल फॉर्म एंड मीनिंग


Edited By :R. Nagaswamy
ISBN : 978081-7305-388-7
2010, xxvi+280pp.+xxvi, halftone illus. 284, bibl., figs. & maps 13, index
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उत्पाद विवरण

The great temple at Tañjāvur is a visual representation of cosmic power on earth that remains, according to the pious wish of the builder, so long as the sun and moon lasts. The God who inhabits this abode is said to be seated with his consort on the summit of the metaphysical…Read More


कोई समीक्षाएँ अभी तक नही

समीक्षा करने के लिए पहले रहो “बृहदेश्वर टेम्पल फॉर्म एंड मीनिंग”