The Multimedia Orientation Workshop

Mr. Krishna Pendyala, President and founder of Visual Symphony, Inc., and Assistant Director of the Informedia Digital Video Library at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Sciences, visited IGNCA as a Unesco consultant from 21st August to 8th September, 1995 and undertook a three – week multimedia orientation training. The terms of reference for his consultancy included amongst other items, a two – week orientation workshop on “Multimedia”.

After this training, presentation of small story-board projects were made by IGNCA multimedia software programmers. The subjects were : Rabari (a pastoral community in Kutch), Brihadeshwara Temple (its iconography & murals – a grand temple of the Chola age) and Rock Art (pertaining primarily to sites of Jhiri). Subject scholars of IGNCA made some telling comments after viewing the story-board presentations by young multimedia professionals. Some of these are given :

(i)Multimedia is an interactive communication media and can effectively present many view points simultaneously. However, its capabilities need to be explored, but it must be ensured that it does not merely lapse into an electronic book.

(ii)Different levels of access are given through multimedia presentations. One application can contain adaptive presentations for a child, a scholar as well as a general audience – each generation has its own method of learning and for this generation, it is multimedia.

(iii)The main advantage of this technology is the case of retrieval.


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